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  1. so inspirational story boss when i grow up i become just like u sir proud taliban soldier
  2. ewek142 Heinrich_Becker nba and gsf gay love
  3. What is your in-game name? Vittorio_Tattaglia Which staff member banned you? Queen When did you get banned? 12/03/2023 What is the ban reason? Troll hacking Personal comment Yea, I used slap hacks I thought they were undetectable but I used it to troll people kinda, sorry I wont use them again.
  4. Has: An Yard. Value: 400k Starting Bid: 200k Buyout: 1 Million
  5. JeezOMode

    Island Conquest

    I, <Brian Coleman> sign up group <Cartel De Juarez [CDJ]>
  6. Name: Gusino_Zuan Type: House Reason: My Friend Gusino Zuan recently started to make an group on this server, I found an unowned amazing property to call his office and future group HQ, but the thing is that the entrance of the building was on the WRONG side. Instead of the proper entrance it was placed onto the back alley exit, The GPS is 2771 and I wish to relocate the property. I want to make this request for my friend Gusino Zuan, since he is quite unfamiliar with the forum topics he wouldnt really be able to make this request. Need the entrance of property changed to the one at the last screenshot listed below: Image:
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