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  1. Then why did you make this ad?
  2. I vote for you good sir. Don't forget to purge FBI and make weed legal.
  3. Join our website and place your order now, discount offer. 


  4. Best guy always trying to roleplay with me.
  5. First time in a whole life I'm agreed with Altaf, we wanna see character development from Militia. To be honest BCR struggle too much, they did a lot of roleplay and showed us some character development for real.
  6. Why are you even saying it here? You making his deal bad with others.
  7. Wat da dog doin? 


  8. Oi you fucking retard mind your language, I just simply asked fucking shirtless asshole.
  9. Why you all try to sell assets for very price while you offer nothing on other people topics?
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