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  1. Nah it's my frien luqi talker he say some time my net slow so I can't make so I say don't worry I make this
  2. Yes its not 50/50 % so player map icon should be remove
  3. How much time I wait for reply I can't go outside my home I accept mt mistake plz unban I am bored in home
  4. How much time I wait for reply I can't go outside my home plz 1 chance
  5. Sir we need happiness of mudoo member so 53% is say remove and 46% is say no so high vote should will count so consider we should remove for happy of member of mudoo and you so you happy I happy so consider that this should remove
  6. Player map icon should remove plz and see % for. Remove icon is move so consider this that we remove for happiness of player for happiness of player vote they happy means I happy so remove it
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