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  1. Name: Property re-location request Type: House Reason: I want to relocate this houses to Los santos since there's no properties around my headquarters+i need one of those houses with a small yard with rp purpose Image:
  2. Hi, i need someone to prove this, i want to relocate my house and to change their interior, since i own 2 houses in the same location with same interior. This is the house: Where i want to locate it:
  3. aria or polcas lost this due to the taxes, i doubt you bought it unowned such lucky
  4. Are you Ahmed Waheb?


    1. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      Yessir, wassup?


  5. Puta! when you coming back


  6. Dont talk with real scotlands about their city, get rekt lol
  7. T O M M Y

    Selling Pharmacy

    well, set the end of the auction's date.
  8. Well, nowadays we're in need for a property where we can roleplay inside, so im here to request this property. I hope you inform me with the price and all details before spawning it.
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