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  1. i traded the huntley with another custom plated premier with lvl 4 alarm and 3k hp ofc
  2. Huntley: custom plated, lvl 4 alarm and 3k hp //\\starting bid:1,1m Premier: custom plated, lvl 4 alarm a text and 3k hp//\\starting bid:1,2m This ends after 2 days from now.
  3. Value: 650k BO:400k-600k end date: 7/3/2021 it has a place to park a lot of vehicles property's pictures:
  4. bought one already, someone close this.
  5. interested in buying 3k hp patriot or premier.
  6. lmfao having hacks in your pc even if not in your gta folder, best admins and the best community ever🤩🤣💪💪

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    2. VIKING


      Wilddow do you eat pork? 🐖



    3. Wilddow


      @Koin or whatever you are called, I don't give a flying fuck, if you regret commenting on status, no one forced you to do so, lack of purpose of telling us what to do and what not to do by saying this.
      Secondly; that's not counted as spam lmao, I am saying my vue, mind it or not, idfc.

      Thirdly: Refrain from inventing rules from your head, while you are not even a moderator.

      Fourthly: Its "Status" not "Statuses" LMFAO.

    4. Koin


      oh chill out man i guess you have had a hard day.

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