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  1. Follow all the steps given here. You will be forced on CAC to play here from now. Get a clean GTA and follow the mentioned steps, enjoy.
  2. You have been banned by an-ex staff member, so I'll be handling your appeal. Why should we unban you after hacking?
  3. If we consider your history, why do you think we should unban you?
  4. You have been provided a last chance but don't forget that we will be watching you, enjoy your game!
  5. I'm not quite sure, I have to dig out, stay tuned.
  6. Well, he has to appeal for the MAIN account, rest doesn't matter.
  7. I'm back with some news, in order to get you unbanned: you must encourage your brother to post an appeal for his bans and we will be able to lift your ban.
  8. You have to wait for an amount of time until I discuss your ban with my higher ranks and I'll get you a result soon. Topic will be unlocked in the meantime and it will get unlocked whenever I'm back with results.
  9. How are you so sure that such thing won't happen again if we decide to unban you and ignore your history with your brother?
  10. Closed, come back when you want to fill out a proper ban appeal.
  11. How could you prove that you had a brother doing all these stuff and you are the angel? We cannot be so sure unless you prove it because that could be used an excuse to slip off from everything.
  12. You had an association with numerous accounts that was rulebreaking and a banned account. How would you explain that? Because that doesn't sound so right to me. When Kenneth Lacoste was banned, some random accounts associated to you started to show up and continue rulebreaking?
  13. troll helper

    1. Furkan


      bro is a weak ass mf

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