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  1. From around 19-20th of July (could be mid august too), to the 9th/10th of August, I bought my laptop on the 8th of August but I don't think I played SAMP with it yet until a few days later.
  2. No, I haven't but I have another laptop that I played on before, it is quite old and I don't play on it anymore but I've used it only once after I got my new laptop, as I only had access to the old laptop at the time, I logged on for around 30 mins then hopped off (I don't remember the date sadly and it was not the ban date, so this might not be relevant)
  3. hey, any update to this? not trying to hurry up anyone or something like that, just want to get some updates
  4. What is your in-game name? Adriana_Thompson Which staff member banned you? Sabrina_Hernandez When did you get banned? 09/09/2022 What is the ban reason? Usage of tools to mask identity Personal comment To address some things about my previous appeal: You're insisting that I'm using some sort of tool to mask my identity (Which is used for ban evading, as someone told me on Discord), that's why I mentioned I'm not ban evading since I got banned for that already and had that ban removed. My GTA: I downloaded my GTA from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfi3ff1qyagyiue/GTA SA PD Heat%24 V.3.zip?dl=0, with the addition moonloader from the first google result, with an ASI to archive old chatlogs along with a lua script to show vehicle names, both from the Police Officer Kit on pd.sagov.us and a new ENB, had I known these mods are bannable (along with the GTA, even though I'm pretty sure they aren't), I wouldn't of used them, give me a chance to prove myself: I'll show you my GTA, with all of the files, folders and subfolders and determine if they're illegal modifications or not (I checked the illegal modifications list and none of the files I have match the list, which is concerning.) It's kind of stupid for someone that was banned before for Ban Evasion, and being told that I'll be watched and it's my last chance, to start using such tools which will set me back in a lot of time (220 hours, which is not much to the average player, but if you judge from my sessions, I even reached 10 hours a session at some times.) From someone that has dedicated a lot of time from their life, to playing a game that I'm not "profiting" of, with absolutely no use for a serial changer. I'm honestly puzzled out. I offered you the chance to TV me, as soon as I posted the ban appeal which was posted like 5-10 mins after I got banned, and force me on CAC, no clue why I would lie about such thing.. You offered me a chance to spit out the truth, claiming that serials do not change magically, which like I mentioned, I 100% agree with you on that, memory is jogged up and I don't remember anything that could of done that, which I'm 99% sure on, could a device change caused it? As I mentioned that I changed my laptop early to mid August, but it doesn't explain why it happened/flagged your system on the 9th of September, out of all days. As it is a k laptop, I take good care of it and I'm wary of what I download, 99% of the files I have are from legitimate sources (the other 1% are ran sandboxed). I would love your input to this, like I mentioned in our PMs, I'm a bit confused on what to do, and that I have no use for a serial changer. (Which most people use for ban evasion, not my case here), maybe it came bundled with a software I downloaded? If possible, can someone PM me or link any use for a serial changer (other than ban evasion), maybe I'll be able to find it through my files/apps I do use regularly? Thanks, looking forward to your reply.
  5. Forgot to add, moonloader is also installed on top of the original game, to add the VehInfo lua from here: https://pd.sagov.us/viewtopic.php?t=2142&start=10 and the Chatlogs asi thing that saves all of the previous chatlogs from the same page
  6. What is your in-game name? Adriana_Thompson Which staff member banned you? Sabrina_Hernandez When did you get banned? 09/09/2022 What is the ban reason? Usage of tools to mask identity Personal comment I have no clue what these tools are + I have no motive to ban evade since... I literally got unbanned for ban evasion? I use Ed's gta v3 with the enb switched out to use Freezln ENB since the original ENB takes 30 secs to load once I alt tab, fresh laptop only bought it like 25 days ago, should of at least TV'd me or something, but not like this my man
  7. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it, I can give you a timeframe of the account creation if that helps, It was in the last weeks of December 2021, at least the 20th
  8. do you have any idea what that account would be? i've asked him and he said he has gone several name changes, across multiple accounts and that he doesn't remember the first account
  9. @Furkan Thanks for the good news, however I have some questions: What accounts does he appeal for? (As I mentioned above, he has tons of accounts and I can provide you with some of the names I still remember), and does it matter the outcome of his ban appeal? Since, I have a feeling that he has a 99% chance of getting denied, due to the huge amount of accounts he ban evaded with and hacked in. EDIT: I can provide you with our IP, mac address, and some of the account names I know if that helps you?
  10. No one is perfect, I can't make promises or guarantee something won't happen in the future, like I mentioned in the post, my brother stopped playing and that'll stay like that for at least a few months, you can also instantly perm ban me if I do stupid things in the future, even for small things that deserve a warning etc (DM etc)
  11. Obviously this can't be proved, and I know this is a stupid excuse like "my cat stepped on my keyboard" etc..., but I can provide some accounts from the top of my head that he used on his own PC, which maybe could be linked to the same IP but not the same serial? I play on my laptop and he has a PC, he owned lots of accounts to ban evade EDIT: I would do anything to get unbanned, I'd opt in for daily TV'ing if that's possible, ForceCAC and even a complete wipe for a fresh start, just to play Valrise
  12. What is your in-game name? Karl Silva Which staff member banned you? Rowan Carter When did you get banned? 07/25/2022 What is the ban reason? Ban Evasion - Ashley Torsney Personal comment I already explained a bit IG, haven't got a chance to finish but let me repeat it here: My brother, (owner of A LOT of accounts), found this server and told me to join, like 7-8 months ago (If I'm not mistaken, 24th of Dec 2021), after a while he got bored of playing vanilla, so he started hacking, using hacks like Invisibility hacks, Triggerbot, then he started using a s0beit mod called "Eclipse Blue" or something, he kept getting banned, then he ban evades and so on, until he got bored and stopped playing, he got me banned in the first place for "Ban Evasion", even though I never hacked or Ban Evaded, all of this stuff was from him. So, I asked around if I should appeal and if I'll get unbanned for Ban Evasion/Hacking, I got mixed responses and the majority was "No way", so I had no chance but to try and ban evade, even though I had no hacks on, all I did was hop on, play PD, that's what I really liked, nothing else at all, I contemplated appealing but I lazied out, thinking I'll have no chance at all, that's why I stopped playing on this account months ago, but I came back last week, tried to get my things straight, I played and suffered, I had a mouse issue, couldn't find a fix so all I had to do was reset my PC and upgrade to Windows 10, with forgetting to backup all of my important stuff, this is how much I want to play Valrise and start clean, I started doing fantastically by joining the PD academy, even better completing my sessions. Enough of this, after all of this and what I've done, I know there is absolutely no chance to get unbanned, and if I do, join the PD academy again EDIT: I'd love to surrender all of the stuff I have, even start a fresh start from lvl 0, all I want to do is play on this server, and I hope you grant this request! (I was told to make an appeal and continue talking with Rowan Carter here)
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