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  1. I have made it, it just needs an admin to activate it. But no one can buy it until it has been activated so don't worry sir.
  2. Approved, Property will be set as an "office" type with no /buy function. I have created the new property, But ask a senior to activate it for you when you are ready to buy.
  3. Approved. Contact a SNR ig to have it set.
  4. This property isn't suitable for a mansion interior. The current interior is the max size that would be set for this property.
  5. We won't create a garage based off the reasons you have provided, one reason being that if we do it for one group, all will suddenly need one for free. You can pay for the garage to be attached to the group. The price for garages are here. I'm unsure if the same garage used at LS customs is available for general use. Again, this is something you will have to look into. But since you don't yet have a group in game, I'll deny this request. Please re request once you have established a group in game and shown the group council you are elegible.
  6. This was investigated and the submitting player was warned. Thanks for reporting this issue.
  7. I'll handle this report. Please give me some time to investigate. Rest assured, This isn't the intended use of the /news command and it will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. I'll handle this report. The reported player in question is a level 4, So should just require some education on the rules and a talking to. I'll check logs to confirm this in the meantime, and see to it that you are refunded for any loss due to rulebreaks that might have occurred.
  9. Can you please post a photo of the exterior of the house you wish to have the change on. Thanks.
  10. You can re make the request when you have time to be active, It'll be locking and archiving this post due to its age and non-completion. Your new topic should be accepted and implemented with no delays once you find the time to become active again.
  11. Property was reactivated. L&A.
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