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  1. Selling my Ranch, it's arguably one of the best properties in SA. Pics below. Value is $1m or something, post BO offers below https://ibb.co/0r3kMw3
  2. I wont let this run for days like the other adverts, i'll take the highest offer in around an hours time.
  3. Does also have bulletproof tires and a custom plate
  4. For sale is my Burrito with additional armour ((2000hp)) and bulletproof tyres and the plate "CANDY" No buyout, want a quick sale so grab yourself a cheap armoured vehicle. Drop offers below PHOTOS :
  5. I see alot of complaints, but let me just point out some things. Toolkits exist, there's a tool store in most towns, so if no mechanic is available, that's always an option. Points for rental will be LSAP, Unity, Angel Pine, SFAP, Bayside, Fort Carson, LVAP and Blueberry. The point about if you /q in the desert was made by someone, my answer is just to not do that? Taxi will become more profitable, at least in LS as people may use it more. Thief will require you to actually "steal" a players car, rather than getting in one at a location you know it will be. Mechanics will get more work too, since players will call to repair their car rather than running to a state / rental Provides better RP opportunity since rentals can be used to commit criminal activity without the plate linking to you New players will have something that is "theirs", they can lock it and it won't be stolen. Player made rental groups may also pick up.
  6. Why exactly do you need this property for RP screens?
  7. I mean, realistically speaking, drug lords would usually launder their money, so in some form or another you'd be paying tax on it. In the server we're limited to the detail of the script / system because its time consuming and there are other issues. I see zero point scripting some intricate system where money can be laundered through legal business and then all earnings are declared and money paid to an entity like the IRS, to get the exact same outcome. It's presented in a simple way yes, but if we presented it in some intricate and confusing way, the outcome would still be the same. I mean in this given example, yes people would probably not be happy. But there is again one thing you are failing to realise, and that is that this is indeed not real life. I've noticed criminals love to compare to real life when its a system / feature that affects them in a negative way, but heavily contradict themselves because in the same breath they'll roleplay as an underground mob, who will have a senior member wheeling to a gas station on his pink NRG because some hood rat asked for help, and that's fine because "its a 2004 game bro" We have an economy where people can grow masses of wealth in the hundreds of millions and be completely un harassed by any government entity for the legality and the legitimacy of their income, yet it appears you want to spend an extra 20 hours a week forging transactions of a cover business, to still be taxed income tax at probably the same rate as this wealth tax. Answered this previously, you'd pay it in some form because you'd launder your money. Same again. "El Chapo isn't paying income tax" > El Chapo laundered some of his money, in turn some tax would have been paid. Unsure in what quantity as I'm not an expert on him and his cartel. Christian Ryan on the other hand walks into the bank an makes frequent withdrawals and deposits in the multi-millions and has never been questioned on it. "El Chapo is paying only tax for the items he has registered" > Christian Ryan deposits all of his money in a personal bank account. "El Chapo hides his money in a way that government can't get to it" El Chapo made many efforts to clean his money, Christian Ryan, citizen of fictional Los Angeles, does not. Another example of a single criminal comparing themselves to real life drug lords and cartels with thousands of members and working parts, but only when it suits them.
  8. They are called tax brackets, it is like I said. I understand the difference, we don't pay income tax is my point. I do understand the position you're in, but realistically how often is it that all of your assets are liquified and you're holding your true net-worth in cash? I think you're presenting a scenario that's unlikely to happen. Even still, looking at the numbers again for business' that are active and working is possible, although I don't think anyone is getting away scot free here, not even me. edit : replied to another point, didn't wanna flood another reply.
  9. Neither is working out tax when you know how. You're not paying 7 percent on $30,000,000, You pay 5% on $10,000,000 = $500,000 You pay 7% on $20,000,000 = $1,400,000. I missed a zero on the 5 in my $1,450,000 calculation. Should have been 500k as opposed to 50k.
  10. Why is it a problem if you don't have it anymore? If I paid income tax on it, I'd probably be pissed. But we don't pay income tax on money we earn in the server so this argument is kind of irrelevant. If we took the word "Wealth" from it, it would just be tax. What would you base your argument on then? "Elon Musk is paying income tax" > Christian Ryan isn't. "He earns money, government earns money." > The Government currently takes $0 in tax from Christian Ryan's income. "Elon has let's say 100b in his bank account. Government decides to take 10b from his bank account, because he is rich." > Elon musk pays income tax. Christian Ryan does not. You have to pay the state a percentage of what you earn because that's how life works, you're again clinging on to the fact its called a "wealth tax" and are failing to consider you don't actually pay an income tax. By this logic you should have been in minus money a long time ago, since you're making a net loss of $700k after your claimed "expenses"
  11. You'd be taxed $1,900,000 if you had $30,000,000 I struggle to see how paying your employees would affect you, they pay the tax on the wages, and not you since the money isn't in your possession, maybe there's something I'm missing since I just skimmed through. edit : changed my maths to be correct
  12. The rates are incredibly low in my opinion. I wanted higher personally. There becomes a point where money is just sitting in peoples bank not being used. The fact is, looking at the data, there's only a handful who stand to lose a decent amount of cash from this tax, although comparatively to their net worth, it's peanuts. Business owner always have, and always will have to continue working and building their income streams. Like Locmax said previously, the issue isn't people with a below $10m net worth, it's those who horde copious amounts of assets and money, yet this money isn't trickling down in the economy because they are inactive and coming IG to collect profits and quitting again. To be frank, the ones moaning about it are the ones who stand to lose a couple hundred thousand from their multi-million net worth, if you put this negative energy into generating another revenue stream, you'd probably negate the tiny loss your gigantic net worth will take from being taxed. You can't have it all, be active and build your net worth, or stay inactive and watch the number dwindle because you're too lazy to maintain your bank account.
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