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  1. tenuu


    VIN: 10064 Replace with Huntley bp/window 3/level 2 armor DONE
  2. Rancher is sold for 37m to Christina, about the NRG I've decided to keep it. Thank you
  3. About the Rancher there's already a 32m bid
  4. I own this bar/office down at ocean flats which is a mosque on the looks, my goal was to get an italian bar/restaurant but I couldn't find one, even an occupied one. The one I own right now is at ocean flats, ss will be below (gps 1086) I wanna move the pickup/location to a garcia with italian theme restaurant, the location is below Reason I want the restaurant is for rp purpuses
  5. GPS: 1086 Location: I want to change interior to ID 121
  6. 600k (although the garages in that place are the ex tsm ones so im pretty sure they're bugged and you cannot use them)
  7. list offer friends
  8. tenuu

    Selling Cheetah

    Buyer gets a free plate as well cuz im nice guy list offers
  9. Well I clearly do not own any offices and the unowned ones have a bad location. It's not only for RP screens but also to have meetings with family members or potential business partners. I'm not only asking for myself but also the group I'm in. I thought that would be a great location to have meetings for many reasons. Plus I really like the area there and that particular building.
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