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  1. My offer has been lowered to 15m BO. Since David Rogers has withdrawed his bid.
  2. David and Enes are brothers inrl. Me and boyko are friends but we dont speak anymore. I even said to Boyko the same thing. Why dont you just sell to me for the value and he said I will sell to the one who offers the most. So im offering a real BO. There was a BO offer from David for 4D which was 32m+ Sandking+ UFO House. So I outbidded David for 40m.
  3. You guys are so sad. I actually did offer 40m BO.
  4. Sure Crap Tree you can see my bid with your eye. 40m BO Boyko.
  5. You withdraw your offer because you got cleaned. But in reality you were pming me about how much you want the house back lmfao
  6. Whats so special about this house?
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