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  1. 𝓜𝓲𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓖𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓲𝓷𝓸 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓈𝑜𝑜𝓃...
  2. 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓽 𝓡𝓸𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓾𝓮𝔃 It was on 29 March 1990 that I was born in the San Fierro Memorial Hospital, son to Lucy and Edward (Captain of SFPD precint in Paradiso district). The Paradiso district celebrated the new birth in honour of their Captain for maintaining the district and it's police force so well. But his fame was his own disaster, as one of his precint members, and second to Edward - Liuetenant Frank Tenpenny envied him. He had waited for a long time to become Captain of his precint. He lost his patience and ordered a hit on Edward. 2 weeks later... It was a fine day when Lucy welcomed Edward home that a black car pulled over, a man fired several bullets from his side. The results were devastating, the bullets had hit Robert's mother instead of his father. As Edward rushed in to catch her, the car sped up along the path, knowing that they had failed and alarmed the Captain. Some hours later... The male members of the Sarnaik family, having buried the body in the backyard of their house, mourned Lucy while the female members attended the crying baby Robert. It was a disaster indeed, and now that Edward knew the danger, decided to leave this place. Edward immediately signed his resignation. They packed immediately and set out for the glamorous Las Vegas. That was where the leg of this story takes a new turn. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Some years later... (2007). Robert grows up in his new house of Las Vegas, finishing his school, high school and soon becoming the youngest teen to attend the Greenglass College in Las Vegas. The 17 year old boy was never told of what happened back in San Fierro, so that he could focus upon his duty and studies. In Greenglass college, he was not the youngest teen, since there were two younger Indian boys, Alex Menon and Shivam Pandit. He ended up teaming with Shivam and bullying Alex into walking throughout the whole college in his underwears. Those 2 were to become his best friends for the third leg of his life. Robert decided to study law, much to his father's dismay. The three years passed smoothly, and by the age of 19, Robert finished his College with the best grades. He decided to get a job in the Las Vegas Police Department. Though Edward neglected, he decided to accompany his son on their drive to the LVPD. But the hitmens had never left Edward alone, since they wanted to fulfil their contract, no matter what happened. They had found him now, no sooner did Robert turned onto a cold and quite street, that 2 cars slid and blocked both ways that Robert could drive to, immediately they opened fire on the car, to which Edward responded with his gun, protecting Robert from harm. In between shots, Edward revealed who he really was and what happened in San Fierro, how his mother died. He asked Robert to vow that he would continue fighting crime. With Robert taking the vow, Edward felt a new energy, shooting every man dead. Checking that all were dead, Edward got out and investigated the cars. Suddenly a hitman came out of nowhere and stabbed Edward in the stomach, as Edward threw away his gun in pain. The gun lands right near Robert's feet when he steps out. Robert looked in horror at his father's death. Robert picked up the prized Custom SilverBaller that belonged to his father, raised it and shot the hitman twice in the back of his head. He had killed someone for the first time. But his head was still heavy with what his father had told him. He staggered back to his house on foot, avoiding any attention. He explained everything to his beloved uncle 'Diamond' after which his uncle decided to take him and his son, Paul, away from any harm, to Los Santos. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ A year later... (2010). Robert has hit 20 years in age. He decided that it was time he made his own fortune and living in this dangerous world. He had come to know that Los Santos was a much dangerous place to live in, with constant violence and crimes taking place, gang wars and so on. He stepped out of his Uncle's house and walked his way to the Taxi depot, where he got his first legal job. As he went on, meeting new people, he met millionaire Jet Diamond, Boss of the Diamonds Corporation. Uncle Diamond had told Jet about Robert, and Jet offered a good position to me in the same company. Soon, I found out that my good old friend, Alex worked in the same company. The three of them, Jet, uncle Diamond and Alex decided to help Robert in his task of omitting gang violence. Robert took on the role of an undercover agent, getting to the core of several gangs and destroying them. As gang violence dropped, Robert decided to stop what he did. He had enough money to lead his own life and, after having joined the LSPD under Chief Zaio, he was more popular than ever. He bought the club Alhambra and ran it to it's top position. He hired several employees, including former LSFMD chief Darren Black, without knowing who he really was. A few days later, news came in that Jet Diamond had died. A terror stricken Robert, who had enjoyed the company and protection of his boss, thought that his pleasure had ended. He was forced to sell his club at a low price. It was at this time that Darren Black provided Robert the assistance he needed, revealing his real identity and offering Robert a spot in the LSFMD. Robert decided to take a course in medical and soon he passed out, joining the LSFMD with good efforts. He soon ranked his way up to a Senior member of the LSFMD. But the Governor at the time turned out to be corrupt, disbanning the LSFMD and leaving their members with little hope. Robert soon got a call from his relatives, who had shifted to Vice City. They had set up a car showroom business and he was invited to hold his father's stake. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ One year later... (2011). Robert decides to return to Los Santos, immediately noticing that crime rates have gone up since he has been away. He immediately signs up for the LSPD under Chief Braddock. But this time, it was not to be so. Even the LSPD was full of corrupt people, which is why it failed. They saw that Robert was a honest cop and saw him as a threat. Through means and ways, they got him fired. Some days later... Word came that Chief Braddock was fired and replaced by Bert VanReeth, who had gotten rid off all corrupt members. He decided to hold a Live Recruitment. Robert attended the LR and passed out good, gaining a spot back into the LSPD and working his way up. He carried out his honest duties, until he had to leave LS again. 5 months later... Robert came back to LS for another time, this time after getting the bad news that his uncle Diamond had died from a car crash. He and his new found friend, Wasik McHarley mourned their mutual friend and Robert's uncle. It was then, that he met both Alex and Shivam again. The 3 friends decided to be in the same job at the same time. They decided to join the LSFMD to reduce the accidents like the one that killed his uncle. With Robert being much experienced than his friends, worked his way up to the top spot in the LSFMD, the Chief. This was a turning point in his life, as his Chief status gained him the respect of several people. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ One year later... (2012). While in Vice City, managing their showroom business, Robert gets a call from Alex, who said that Jet Junior Diamond had died. Alex stated that they needed Pankaj back into the police force as soon as possible, since gang violence has shot right up to a limit where even the National Guards were terrified of the big gangs. Immediately he agreed and packed his bag. The moment he reached Los Santos, he gets picked up by Alex, a police officer now. A few months later... (2012). After becoming a successful officer, Robert gets the job of an undercover agent by a Government agency to spy on some gangs residing in Idlewood. Robert gets a job in a Pizza parlour, where, he gets treated like an elder brother. But soon, the agency is forced to be shut down. Robert loses his primary job, and is forced to work double time on the Pizza parlour. But one day, the manager of the parlour got threats from a terrorist who wanted the Pizza parlour to be shut down, since they wanted to use it as a primary bomb spot. This made Robert lose his second job too. But he didn't lose hope... he worked his way up the social chain, joined the SANG, then the FBI, but eventually led to his downfall and went missing. November 2013. Robert returned to Los Santos to see the LSPD in shambles, with a few members totally scattered around and crime on the rise. He had been away for too long to play around now and he had to put things right. Dec 2013 - June 2014. He had worked his way to a well ranked position of Training Sergeant in the LSPD, yet there was no difference in the crime rates. It had gone too far to the point that via corrupt measures, some people in the LSPD got him fired. Robert had to flee the state with hitmen on his tail. Hitmen, who were hired to kill him on corrupt LEO demands. Yet he managed to kill all of them in return without endangering his close ones. Later on, Robert joined the LSFMD in hopes of restoring it to it's former glory which he successfully managed with a lot of help from his colleagues Clark, Ettore and Matthew. But sadly, Robert had to leave LS once again to spend time with his family. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ April 2018. Robert once again came back to Los Santos after a call from the CG Hospital staff regarding his cousin's passing away. After all the mourning, Robert suspected a bigger and much foul hand behind his cousin's death. So here I am, deciding to reapply for LSPD to prevent anything in the future, with a slight hint of vendetta at the back of my mind. He worked his way hard to the spot of Sergeant before having to retire once again to handle the family business. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ September 2021. Robert returned to LS one more time after a long time to continue his pursuit of crime fighting, from where he last left off. - 𝑅𝑜𝒹𝓇𝒾𝑔𝓊𝑒𝓏 𝑅𝑜𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓉
  3. Awesome, players will better check prices here on forums instead of going to every dealership to check prices for vehicles.
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