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  1. wont be cracking fingers as it's haram in my religion. Starting from the beginning, I've been playing SA:MP for almost 2 years. In-between I had an incident where I ended up losing my laptop. I am playing from SA:MP Android after that. Time passed and I've been playing on the original SA:MP Android version. But tomorrow (like 26 hours ago after this message) the version I've been using was forcing the original SA:MP Android players to update their version to a newer one, which was basically crashing after you input your password. I searched on YouTube about more SA:MP Launcher and ended up finding Chen launcher (almost 23 hours before after this message) and I logged in the game where it showed a list of cheats in the text. I used one of them (/whon) for like 1 minute as I saw it was nametags and relogged from the game, never used the command again. Almost 22 hours ago after this message I made a discord ticket regarding /refuel not working and explained about the new updated original SA:MP launcher which the author forced to use. (This is after the /whon command I used) (I got banned after 6hr after I typed this text) - Ik it has hacks, but I don't use them. I used it once, then never used them again in the future. The ban reason which Benson has written was very insulting (Trying to be smart, "ik it has hacks but I don't use them"). I wasn't interrogated about using the hacks nor I used the hack on someone. The reason I am banned here is for using a hack (Which I did for like a minute and never used any other command) If after this I am not unbanned and my punishment is not expunged, it's very bad impression from the staff team in my opinion.
  2. I wouldn't have downloaded chen launcher if the author of original SA:MP hadn't forced players to download the latest version of original SA:MP Android (As it crashes for every mobile user who plays with it in Valrise.) I checked the command /whon as it showed "Player hacks" (actually wallhacks it showed, my bad) not "nametags". I was repeatedly typing the command to toggle it, but it can't get toggled unless you relog. I used the cmd for like 1 minute and didn't updated anyone's location or something to anyone. I am a leader of a criminal group where I recently bought a group plus. You think I'll use this command and hack on the server? Before I was tped to SF for using a assist and wasn't banned for that as I proved my aim. ???
  3. What is your in-game name? Vladislav Bratva Which staff member banned you? Benson When did you get banned? 08/17/2022 What is the ban reason? Mobile hacks Personal comment ??? I updated to the new samp launcher yesterday as its author forced to update the game (The update existed from before but wasn't forced by the author). Yesterday I updated the game and crashed after inputting password, so I used to chen launcher to play. After I set some things up there is 1 command called /whon in it which enables nametags, the name blinks in it a lot and can be seen through wall, so I relogged from the game and it got disabled, never used any commands again. What am I banned for? Aim assist? I have a good aim, already autoaim is disabled from settings of mine
  4. Name: Vladislav Bratva Car ID: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/vehicle/16412 (Group owned, I am leadership of it and it was transfered by me)
  5. This is actually really cool. I hope we RP someday
  6. In-game name: Vladislav Bratva Number: 20
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