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  1. One jester is sold. Phoenix and another Jester are left.
  2. Hello buddy. I did punish you for poor roleplay and extensive punishment history. I told you many times roleplay with the cops, you didn't listen to me but you decided to troll and run away while the cops were dragging you. Let's not talk about your punishment history, it's not good. I have two questions for you which are: 1. Are you able to roleplay and stop trolling around? 2. Are you able to follow the rules and what are your plans if we unban you?
  3. Jester Fully tuned Starting price: 400,000$ Phoenix Fully tuned Starting price: 400,000$
  4. I hope your promise won't be just a word. I will give you a chance, be careful and do not repeat it again. Unbanned.
  5. Not the first time I hear this " if you unban me, I promise I won't break any rule" and what happened in the end? They continue to break server rules. If you answer like that, nothing will change.
  6. To be reviewed after 3 weeks. Locked till then, do not attempt to ban evade, else this will automatically get denied. 08/02/2021.
  7. Hello, your punishment history is bad which includes (( 8 warning, 3 temp bans and your first ban)). All of your punishments are for DM/Poor roleplay. Why should we give you a chance? Are you able to follow the rules and stop breaking them? What are your plans if we unban you?
  8. Hello, this is your second ban and three other warns for different reasons. Answer my questions: Are you able to follow the server rules? Are you sure that you will stop breaking rules and why we should give you another chance?
  9. Zac told you already "don't re-appeal for a month". If you continue to post ban appeal again, we won't give you any chance to play again. Denied.
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