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  1. title says it all offer below fellas
  2. fort carson furniture store, gps 1869
  3. from gps 3070 here to here, still in lv
  4. gps 989 from here to here will be used for rp purposes
  5. gps 908 Requesting a yard here if possible, it's in county area, won't make it too messy, just need a few details
  6. from here to here pls,its in the same area
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VALUE - $340,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BO - OFFER _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALARM LVL 4 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. NR.2857 Here: To here if possible: The difference of the location is not that big, but it's closer to my HQ and nobody is really using it.
  9. imagine you have it as a 2nd hq
  10. moan more retard, the motel is perfect for street rp, gang shit and whatnot. but how can u know, ur just a fucking wanderer, a stray.
  11. if youre not here to bid and offer then gtfo retard, u dont know shit yet keep moaning
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