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  1. imagine you have it as a 2nd hq
  2. moan more retard, the motel is perfect for street rp, gang shit and whatnot. but how can u know, ur just a fucking wanderer, a stray.
  3. if youre not here to bid and offer then gtfo retard, u dont know shit yet keep moaning
  4. title says it all offers start from 2,3m
  5. NR.816 Unlocked if you want to check it up. Value:$340,000. Buy Out: Starting from $150,000 Each bid has to be AT LEAST $50,000.
  6. NR.808 Unlocked if you want to see it Value:$387,000 Buy out: Starting from $150,000 - Each bid has to be AT LEAST $50,000
  7. NR.989 VALUE: $415,000 BUY OUT: Starting from $100,000
  8. Value $340,000 BO: Starting from $100,000 Buy now price: $500,000 nr.460 It's opposite of temple PNS
  9. 12 hours, it will be sold to the one with highest offer, currenthighest 260k
  10. it is unlocked without entrance fee, you can check it.
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