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  1. What is your in-game name? Nick_Gamer Which staff member banned you? Eren_Hernandez When did you get banned? 10/10/2010 What is the ban reason? Being a nigger Personal comment Mannn I miss haverise yallll I meaann tits the beestt vrp serevr and I am cannotet waitet ofrubnaen plzzzuban me cazs mes a beastghyyh. Befor banm srver hav 100players now aftr my abenb sevrer have 45 playzers tahisz proves people love meaive done nothignsa wrongg. Btw this me: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/810608466598690846/1125383359292526643/v09044g40000cifm00jc77u5ctn762g0.mov
  2. What is your in-game name? Kacper_Kowalski Which staff member banned you? They all the same idfk When did you get banned? 09/06/1920 What is the ban reason? Being myself Personal comment So as yall may know I was just living my best life as a professional vt nigga, this was all a social experiment to see how people treat niggas and now its proven that niggas hate niggas cause niggas banned me for being a nigga. Yall I was just playing a realistic character, cause this just like how it play out in real life, nigga shoots nigga then nigga bans nigga? This supposed to be an RP server and yet they RPing god like how a nigga gonna ban me in real life just cause I got 3 counts of manslaughter??? This shit don't make sense. Also Locmax said that this was a DM server and now I get banned for doin just that??? My nigga this don't make no sense. When I was 3 years old a SWAT member DMed me for no reason yet I don't see god spanking his ass but the second I do that I get blasted just cause I'm a nigga. So why exactly is that allowed??? If I may this "god" ain't realistic at all. He unprofessional, my ban reason was being a nigga????? This a funny ass server my nigga. Also I confessed my profound love to "Kacper" and his way of turning me down was a thunderbolt up my asshole. I was tryna make this light-RPDM server into a heavy-RP server by shooting my enemies also known as the blacks but now I get banned for it like smh bro you couldnt punish us heavy rpers more if you tried to.
  3. What is your in-game name? Richard_Stewards Which staff member banned you? Eren_Hernandez When did you get banned? 05/18/2023 What is the ban reason? DM in admin situation, toxic behaviour Personal comment Hello again, I am back here for my 2nd ban appeal. I sincerely apologize for doing what I did, it was baseless and I was acting out of frustration. There isn't much else to it, I just didn't care and was "trolling". I logged in and started insulting people in /p, then rammed some of my friends and they killed me (we were just playing around) , I returned the favor, returned and started stabbing them. Then I saw that there was a big shootout between CJNG and PD and I started spectating. Then I went in front of SD in Dilimore and I saw a car coming out of their garage and then they instantly opened fire on me, even though I was not involved in that situation. I didn't report them or anything because I knew it was a mistake and instead I camped the station waiting for them to come out so I could clear things up, then George Herbert told me to stop camping. I was annoyed at George so I insulted him in /b because I didn't care. I then got warned. Then Mark Garrick came out of the station and I had a good 30 seconds to shoot him but I did not because it was never my intention to do so in the first place. Mark kept on going in and out of the station yet I didn't shoot him once. I got very annoyed because at that point I hadn't even fired a single bullet and had gotten a warning. So I just started insulting George because he wouldn't explain the rules he enforced onto me. Then I shot Mark cause I already had "lost it all" in my eyes by insulting George and getting warned. George then told me that Eren was waiting for me at which point I got teleported to him, Mark and Jason. At that point I was just very annoyed and I didn't care that I would get banned because I felt that my warn was unjustified. Then I knifed Mark and did /piss on him after which I got appropriately banned. Minutes after I got banned I submitted my troll appeal because I still was mad. So to sum it all up I was just goofing around with my friends then PD came and I just trolled without caring about the repercussions because I didn't have anything to lose. As for Jason's appeal and his behavior, I don't know why he did any of that and he did not influence me to do any of the things I did. I do not expect to be unbanned, and understandably so, I just want to apologize to Mark, Eren and George.
  4. Sounds good, contact me through my email (KiritsuguEnjoyer#9487)
  5. Alright, contact me through my email (KiritsuguEnjoyer#9487)
  6. I am looking to rent a Journey Van and Pot (preferably 5 pots) or Garden house for a week or month.
  7. Nothing more to add.
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