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  1. This is dynamic - light rp server. This isn't a heavy rp server - and even if it was, it's not our fault. We wen't back to check on who was attacking us so we can report him just to make sure we reported the right individual but as you can see we didn't have much of a chance with our ban. 6v1? You know that people in Valrise always kill cops whenever they come to them and not just run away from them sir, even if they're outnumbered. We were going to The vehicle was at full stop and this is again, not heavy rp. I take the blame for arguing with him over the publi
  2. What is your in-game name? Dick Cancer Which staff member banned you? Annoymous When did you get banned? 11/03/2020 What is the ban reason? Dm in Safe Zone Personal comment The cop started dming us not Not our fault I was banned along with my other SpageRolli friends, this isn't fair ban Frank Miller or something for dming us
  3. dick cancer cant wait for your next hit movie, traphouse mob or maybe even Friday The 13th i can only wish to allah 10/10
  4. i forgot this shit existed for a second


    fuck angelo

    look what i spy with my little eye


    bruh block watch on that killing snitches




  5. Day 31's diary;

    ok posting up my session with the taliban

    they dont understand cause we the arab gang

    image.png.0695b8cfcd6853ca18472e3e253beebb.pngjew asslickers

    coca cola yola hit my motorolla

    image.png.14ea58b6867a94d84eb87e7f110a2090.pngsmoke a nigga quick when im too lazy

    image.png.35384c440b508e520c1fe1caa111b61e.pngimage.png.50669d00cde70755ccdaba22d6dc1992.pngtryhards stay low eZ

    fuck this dumb nigga Dexter


    dexter is the most annoying jew ive ever encountered, dexter get halleluya eZ


    image.png.00f47c1b06052aed4e80a1592ab05799.pnginshallah we will dominate isreal and the jews forever even after getting banned

  6. Day 30's diary;

    Posting up with the taliban




    in the trap house with the taliban

    catch an opp lackin we gonna make it spray


    Abdi. Karim. Legends



    image.png.82f8db1beb3f3786cef9dd3b52382446.pngeveryday im sippin with the taliban


    repping my session with the taliban


    ppl going around like they the arab gang


    with the taliban



    posting up my session im with the taliban


    rolling up with the 4's, windows up, we rollin LOOSE

    image.png.a5fe2a27002864037b078feec305f8ef.pngSick gang


    rolling up my gang


  7. Day 29's diary;

    Met with Mohammed Ali Sheik Al-Abdel, asked him why he's called a basic name such as Mohammed and not something as good as Mustafa, he said "Even arabs know it's too paki to be named Mustafa"


    Killed a few dumb jews while screaming "BACK TO MONKE WITH YOU"


    I'm with the Block Watch squad now, BLOCK WATCH

    image.png.a2b022212e5ef107857048982081c7e1.pngLook what I spy with my little eye


  8. Day 28's diary;

    Keeping the jews away, had to kill one palestine child due to him having 4 phones attached to him, he would of attracted the jews and the gypsies.

    Lost Mustafa "paki arab" Ebnoghased to the jews, don't know what to do as he was the only paki in my squad.

    I think I might be gay, I'm starting to like this guy called Claus Samp, he looks like a fucking chad not gonna lie.

    May Allah watch upon me.


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