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  1. If Possible Please Set Garage Here
  2. Name: Rebel_Mogilevich Requesting: House Image:
  3. Name: Rebel_Mogilevich Requesting: House Image:
  4. Name: Rebel_Mogilevich Requesting: House Image:
  5. What is your in-game name? Rebel_Mogilevich Which staff member banned you? Believers When did you get banned? 04/27/2024 What is the ban reason? Repair hecks Personal comment Sir I'm Not using any hecks it's possible for network issue other val Clint problem but you imagine to I'm using hecks but Im not using any hecks I Already Talk I'm Using Vac Val Client For Mobile You Don't Allowed To Use Cleo Sir Please Check My Ban Appeal Please Give Me Unban Because I'm Not Wrong
  6. I was saying Many Times It's Possible For Network issue and Val Client Issue To Car Damge Not Hecks And I Already Talk You I Was Using Vac Val Client For Mobile So I Can't Use Any Cleo
  7. Sir I Need Unban I'm Not Using Any Hecks I Was Giving All Proofs I Was Playing 400+ hours valrise And I get ban for repair hecks sir it's val clint I can't use hecks it's your val clint problem car damage problem for val Clint problem I'm not wrong so I don't accept to I'm using hecks
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/y7qquwvor8s3yr6/Screenrecorder-2024-04-27-20-15-43-235.mp4/file
  9. Alyn v13 is not working my mobile I'm using val clint it's vac
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