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  1. i should've won the bidding a long time ago
  2. Name: Shaquille_Burns Type: House Reason: I need the interior changed to: INTERIOR ID: 109 NAME: HOUSE 15 Image:
  3. Shaquille Burns Discord: .jarm. Wish: hot tea with biscuits.
  4. Name: Shaquille Burns Type: House Reason: I need my property (2709) relocated from it's current location to the coords shown on the screenshot. Image:
  5. Location: Los Santos, Idlewood, GPS 38. V: 410k. BO: offer.
  6. aint no way ur getting 5m for it, better of sold your house in richman along with the garage rather than getting it moved to SF
  7. Keep ur lowballs in yo pants, thanks.
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