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  1. Lars_Vegas Property NR: 2400 Property Type: House Photograph showing your property from multiple angles:
  2. Dude. Stop black mailing. You can get SUed for that. The shit is real! We living that life!
  3. You should become an Officer as well. As you can see, there seams to be a lot of money made. Im snob vt tho.
  4. Also Lincoln didnt mention what he is withdrawing. So the withdraw wasnt legal. He prolly ment, that he withdrawed the chash from ATM to pay in cash.
  5. Dude. Dont hate the player, hate the game. You should take a look at some thing more affordable. Maybe you give GPS 2400 a visit and drop your offer!
  6. I wonder, if you dare to say it in my face, when I close the cell on you.
  7. Its a scam. Hes a well known real estate fraudster, that is under federal investigation.
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