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  1. Good afternoon, Arab News. You start your segment by praising a volunteer and voicing the volunteer complaints, but then, you greet your readers with a tagline #RemoveVolunteerSystem! Usually people argue for the removal of volunteers, others argue how much they are needed and how they are treated poorly. You argue for both, you are like the Schrödinger's cat of journalism. The story has been rechecked with several high commanding officers. Mister Khan attempted to join the police academy, but due to his lack of writing prowess, he turned to plagi
  2. Press Conference If you have a special request to attend the next ceremony as a speaker, contact this forum account. ALL CIVILIANS INVITED Share your questions, suggestions and complaints regarding SAPD. Next Press Conference : 31/05/2020 Time: 18:00 CET Location : Santa Marina Beach Pier. Theme: Police Volunteers, Gang violence in GS9
  3. Happy new year from SAPD! We hope that 2020 will be a great year for the community of Mudoo, for the world and for your life. Thank you for being part of our comumnity! SAPD forum thread
  4. The reorganization of SAPD The San Andreas Police Department is glad to see improvements within it's organisation. In recent weeks there has been a lot of work with the necessary problems, I am happy to announce that we are finally making progress towards a stable working environment. Every day we come face to face with heavy criminals which makes it difficult for our officers to fight the crime without any injuries. As a department we started working on the organization, we think of supplying the necessary equipment and reorganizing to ensure that no officer has
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