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  1. I promise next year will be the best business group Radio Arab 2000 Coming back to play soon
  2. I'll buy it 1$ a million dollars @Andrew
  3. Matthew do you want Candy or trick?
  4. Hank11


    The proliferation of heavy weapons has become widespread in the server and accessible to all, and we are at war Therefore, the Group Council has taken good steps to reduce weapons manufacturing houses
  5. good luck Mr Matthew keep up server
  6. @Silvester_Aaron Sir, stop talking to me and Lee Tag has done silly things like coordinate Would you say to the court, for example? They stole the color? (Notice that you are in a forum and there is a keyboard and writing) Okay so don’t be upset, sir Mr. Khan, @Shehryar_Khan please, please change the fabulous, brilliant inventor’s thing into something of our own like this What are your remarks? Name: Comment: number phone : number mom phone: photo for passport : photo for face you : Enough absurdity!
  7. We hope to implement this system strictly in Discord
  8. I am angry at the pictures above from the nasty person that I sold to the player The number of racism significantly expanded Let's just shrink it so we can control The administration should put in place a system against racism It is forbidden to speak religious matters It is forbidden to talk about skin color and people sweat Badly and affects people's dignity
  9. In the end, we are not terrorists, as the Discord players describe us There is good and evil in all religions We are Muslims, part of Server Medoo
  10. Hello I played in the server a long time ago. I loved the server and everyone in it. I even knew friends who were not of my Islamic faith and loved them. Unfortunately, I noticed some terms that started to greatly annoy me and annoy Muslims within the server, which are terms that they attribute to us and that we are terrorists. We were bullied in the server discard and also inside the server and this talk was not monitored by officials. I will explain to you some things that everyone should understand ALHH AKBR God’s sentence and greater (meaning that God is the greatest thing on earth and has power) Unfortunately, these players use this term to carry out terrorist operations and attribute them to us, which is only a sentence to express God’s ability. Phrase Mujahid (This sentence in the Islamic religion means victory for the oppressed, protecting them and not killing anyone without a reason) Unfortunately, players use them when they play roles and we kill Do not believe everything you see in the media in the world, there is good and bad Just as I play roles in a server, as Arab News, I do montage, events, and edits to get people interested (but it remains a lie) We ask the server administration to prohibit talking about religious matters in the discord that offend us and stir up anger between religions.
  11. Arab News: Today, Arab News celebrated with the Arab Charity Organization to Assist the Poor by opening its new branch in the city and the organization was working to serve communities in more than one country opening its first branch in accordance with government decisions and where Mr. Hank Good expressed his happiness at the launch of the Arab Organization in the city calling on all parties In society for high human values Whereas, on behalf of Arab News, Mr. Hank expressed his happiness and unwavering support to the organization in social work and the assistant of the oppressed class It is mentioned that a cooperative agreement was signed with the organization in the fields of exceptions, including the establishment of a fund to help the poor, media coverage and assistance in local and international seminars and conferences. It is noteworthy that the Arab Charitable Organization launched yesterday evening in the city, which contributes to helping the poor in accordance with its many programs, including material, food and human rights except in the case of We leave you with the report about the organization
  12. Arab News: We received a call from one of the members present in the initiative in order to photograph the demonstration that happened and it turned out that there is a strong youth initiative that calls for social justice and transparency and a meeting was held with the protesting people and the story was as follows *Khan Family tried to raise their voice for the right and PoliceDeparment jailed everyone. Shehryar Khan was suspended for brandishing onduty weapons on criminals. Trooper that fired him, "Rooney Winters" FlashBackStory: It was a sunny day, When Shehryar Khan went on Duty to stop peeps from comitting crimes,and he got some emergency calls. He risked his life and answered the call, went on the scene within less than 2 minutes and saw civilians having heavy guns and trying to kidnap kids. He immediately opened fire, the criminals surrendered and called PoliceDepartment for complete investigation, Sadly the trooper listened to that criminal and fired for brandishing his gun on the innocent criminals. No idea why they suspended him for brandishing weaps on civilians. See everything was clear in that bodycam but no one knows where the heck that cam go. Therefore he started the protest and SAPD stopped the protest by pushing all the protestors toward the cell. Question arises: 1). Does SAPD shuts mouth of poor people like this? 2). Does SAPD don't stop people from letting them speak for themselves? 3). Where should we contact for our justice if PD will react like this? 4). Cops are now ruining the state, NO proper investigation, NOT EVEN responding to the emergency calls. What are they doing as a cop? Patrolling and heading back to lspd when they see some criminals? *What should we call this deparment?* #RaiseyourVoice! #RemoveVolunteerSystem! "Integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption have to be part of the culture. They have to be taught as fundamental values."
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