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  1. for join discord Radio Arab 2000 ( https://discord.gg/7dmknkw7) or give you link Discord Radio call mr ( Hank#2286 )
  2. Radio Arab 2000 : Hello, dear listeners, everywhere and at all times, and you are in cars now or at home, hearing us tell you greetings from Radio Arab 2000, dear, we bring you in this program everything that is varied and interesting, now at 22:00 GMT Today we are talking about An assassination of an important man in the government, and when he was on the podium, talking to a people about promises and prosperity, but there was an explosion that shook the theater and left murderers and victims from the police citizens, and where the investigation office attended to find out the causes and aspects of the terrorist operation And since no one has claimed responsibility for the terrorist bombing that targeted the civilian center But the important question here Is terrorism in the state stronger day by day? Does the government have an urgent plan to end the terrorist operations that have reached the country's seniors? Is there a security activity that threatens the residents of the state? Thank you, dear listeners. We wish you all happiness today, and do not forget that temperatures will rise in the coming hours. Beware, peace.
  3. Today we are talking about packages and orders from police leaders in the state to follow up the issue of traffic accidents and apply justice, as well as search for wanted persons for government agencies, including the FBI, and where there is cooperation between the General Police Service and the FBI in order to meet with people wanted by the police and the agency alike.
  4. I promise next year will be the best business group Radio Arab 2000 Coming back to play soon
  5. I'll buy it 1$ a million dollars @Andrew
  6. Matthew do you want Candy or trick?
  7. good luck Mr Matthew keep up server
  8. @Silvester_Aaron Sir, stop talking to me and Lee Tag has done silly things like coordinate Would you say to the court, for example? They stole the color? (Notice that you are in a forum and there is a keyboard and writing) Okay so don’t be upset, sir Mr. Khan, @Shehryar_Khan please, please change the fabulous, brilliant inventor’s thing into something of our own like this What are your remarks? Name: Comment: number phone : number mom phone: photo for passport : photo for face you : Enough absurdity!
  9. Arab News: Today, Arab News celebrated with the Arab Charity Organization to Assist the Poor by opening its new branch in the city and the organization was working to serve communities in more than one country opening its first branch in accordance with government decisions and where Mr. Hank Good expressed his happiness at the launch of the Arab Organization in the city calling on all parties In society for high human values Whereas, on behalf of Arab News, Mr. Hank expressed his happiness and unwavering support to the organization in social work and the assistant of the oppressed class It is mentioned that a cooperative agreement was signed with the organization in the fields of exceptions, including the establishment of a fund to help the poor, media coverage and assistance in local and international seminars and conferences. It is noteworthy that the Arab Charitable Organization launched yesterday evening in the city, which contributes to helping the poor in accordance with its many programs, including material, food and human rights except in the case of We leave you with the report about the organization
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