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  1. Today I am very sad because I will retire from playing in the wonderful server that represents the real life inside the virtual world. This game made communication between players around the world more open and familiar with server cultures On my behalf, as the owner of the groups (Arab News and Radio Arab 2000), we would like to thank you Thanks to the server for the nice time and fun and I hope everyone can play with it Thanks to the server management for keeping up with the development and interacting with it in order to make players feel fun while playing Thanks to Teams Admini
  2. Therefore, the administration must listen to us and not implement the decision, and then say what you think! This is ridiculous
  3. What is that ! You suddenly work for a transfer company to restock who told you that we want this, or did you even vote to implement the decision ?? I am a store owner and I do not want to deal with restocking companies because the player wants us as store owners over 50 thousand! When you say to the player, transport me by truck to me boxes, he feels that he is a head of state and wants the price he wants, so I tire to fill myself! The problem is when we wake up, we are surprised by the code that has worked, why don't you come to us and ask us as shopkeepers? So we do
  4. Matthew do you want Candy or trick?
  5. Hank11


    The proliferation of heavy weapons has become widespread in the server and accessible to all, and we are at war Therefore, the Group Council has taken good steps to reduce weapons manufacturing houses
  6. good luck Mr Matthew keep up server
  7. @Silvester_Aaron Sir, stop talking to me and Lee Tag has done silly things like coordinate Would you say to the court, for example? They stole the color? (Notice that you are in a forum and there is a keyboard and writing) Okay so don’t be upset, sir Mr. Khan, @Shehryar_Khan please, please change the fabulous, brilliant inventor’s thing into something of our own like this What are your remarks? Name: Comment: number phone : number mom phone: photo for passport : photo for face you : Enough absurdity!
  8. sms me sir for invite Mr.Hank#6414
  9. for join or see Discord Arab News click here
  10. There are many people asking about getting a Discord Arab News we will put the link for you here Also, we will provide you with an update for the Arab News Group We added a bot that randomly pulls players ’accounts into Discord Arab News by clicking on the red hat emoji. The bot randomly chooses one of the names one week after the start of the competition And the person wins And every week there is a prize for players Whether car grades, free tools, masks, money, or free advertising for his company, elections, or for his services on the server Of course, this feature allows yo
  11. We hope to implement this system strictly in Discord
  12. @LocMax This really happened real news It is impossible to write anything imaginary in / news But they are opposed to the idea that when we write the site the news happened they do not want How do we write an accident without mentioning the location of the event? Everyone was instructed not to use News except ranks above level 40 in Group We also invite all players who know that there is a mistake or a problem go to our discord There is a complaints room against employees to know and solve the problem
  13. @Silvester_Aaron Sir if / news is removed There will be no journalist group + Why don't you suggest to the administration that you create permits, the leader group can control who can make /news or not As I wrote above can help you guide me
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