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  1. It was a courthouse long before BCR claimed it. I'll defend it to my last breath, varmint!
  2. As much as my character gets a little warm in Bone County, he's not running around with no clothes on ser.
  3. Question 1: What is Ben's favourite item of clothing?
  4. Full name: BlueGlassesGuy Comment: Congress has spoken. It will be interesting to see how this progresses as a criminal investigation.
  5. How about the opposite? SAPD get wind of a large drug transport taking place and have to intercept
  6. Hmm? I'm just agreeing with Luis that cops shouldn't randomly suspect for attempt to commit a crime.
  7. Correct. The "attempt to do a crime" law states that an attempt to commit a crime shall be punished in the same way as if the crime had been committed. Therefore, they should be suspecting for the crime you attempted to commit. Same goes for "ignorance of the law". Ignorance of the law is not a crime in itself; the reason that is in the PSC is to demonstrate that whether or not you are aware of a law is irrelevant. If a crime is committed, you should be punished even if you deny an understanding of it.
  8. Y'all as bad as each other. It's not unusual for additional resources to be made available in times of crisis. We live in a state where not only will a person get a bullet in them for a traffic stop, but organised crime syndicates will descend on a single police unit for the simplest of crimes. Couple that with the trigger-happy nature of some of our police service, and it's not really surprising that the police are coming out in force to round up and control the criminals and people are getting wary. The answer isn't more weaponry; It's for organised crime to be more subtle/c
  9. True that, I get a greeting every time I log in. It's positive ser!
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