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  1. Drop your offers, and we'll negotiate privately.
  2. @FinnI don't see anyone bidding higher than me ? Sell already and stop wasting time ?
  3. Don't mind thr quality, I was using my laptop ^^
  4. Your in-game name: Jan_Gvardia Date when the bug was found: 01/01/2021 What is the bug: Related to the taxi job and fares Explanation of the bug: I picked up a fare, and he requested to be taken to a specific place, but I apparently couldn't reach that place as there was a blocked bridge in the way, so I had to ask Shamus to teleport me there, and once he did, the fare didn't want to get out, and also, a lot of times the fares just run away while you're not even close to them. Video or picture: so the arrow is pointing at where the fare requested to be taken to
  5. Yes, but only for like the first 40 hours of gameplay time.
  6. Your in-game name: Solhafa_Beda Date when the bug was found: 10/02/2020 What is the bug: everything is explained down below Explanation of the bug: down below Video or picture: BUGS: 1) If you take a bus mission, and see the blue circle, you can park your bus and then go on foot into that blue circle and it will tell that you've picked up passengers and give you the money even though you're not in your bus. 2) /taxipda > chamberlain hills > accept fare > "error with your taxi mission, report this to a developer". 3) this happens sometimes > I choose a taxi mission for example pillbox hills or w/e that's called, I follow the route to the checkpoint, but I find no one there to pick up, so after that happens, I type /taxipda again, and it shows that I am still on the taxi mission, and that I have to take the passenger to a certain checkpoint, but there's no route shown on the map, and there's no passenger in my vehicle. SUGGESTIONS: 1) there should be an option which lets you cancel your route while you're on the bus driver job. 2) taxi fare pays you so much, so I suggest to decrease the payment, it should be 600$ max imo.
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