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  1. Exactly i've been pming u and boyko like spamming u trying to buy the house for 4.5m but he wanted to go higher when i knew he wont sell it i bought the house u won it from me and i was going to withdraw my offer even before u drain me
  2. Hahha im the one who lost the house against u and the gate coasts 2m and doesn't worth more than 4m,Im the one who offred him 4.5 but he kepts looking for more So i withdraw my offer start again from 0!!
  3. Turismo strating price is 3m and cheetah starting price is 3.5 Good luck!!
  4. Walter Angel


    Selling commerce gated house. Value:1.5m Starting bid:6m BO:15m Screen shots of the house: https://imgur.com/a/iCkaNCF https://imgur.com/a/04dhoqD https://imgur.com/a/ZcQnoLf
  5. Hhaahahahahhaha just buy a sabre that coasts 50k or 60k from ds and thats it mehh..
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