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  1. I’m looking for liquid cash or property trade Noted
  2. BP+3khp+window level 2. drop your offers, trades are acceptable
  3. What is your in-game name? Fredrich_Becker Which staff member banned you? Tyche_Blackfyre When did you get banned? 09/18/2022 What is the ban reason? Entered a barricaded sit and aided the people inside. Personal comment First of all i think it’s a harsh punishment as i never committed such actions before. Secondly the rule of the barricaded situations shows that WE CAN NOT SHOOT AND AID SUSPECTS WHO ARE BARRICADED INSIDE. Tyche recorded the whole scenario if you see his clip, you would notice that PD did a perimeter to block temple/vinewood, not the Dillimore route, i took advantage of that weak perimeter to enter the house PLUS no one was watching the door. If what i did is against the rules then why in PD regulation there is a trespassing procedure where trespassers can be tased/beanbag’ed on sight???? If cops managed to take me in custody before running inside the property, would i have been dealt with IC or OOC. Finally i would like to mention that my intentions were not to break the rules, the actions i did were based on IC reaction that i had no intentions to take advantage on cops or to break the rules.
  4. Drop your offer. Buyout 9M
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