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  1. Hello Nick_Secton! Your property request has been approved,contact any property admin or senior admin to set It up In-game(note you have to pay $2,500,000 since It's In LS) Regards, Nikky
  2. Name: Marko Saldana Phone: TBA(once ig) E-mail(Discord): txnikky Any special info you would like to mention:I would like to work V&S and earn some money.
  3. Name: Marko Saldana Type: Business Reason: As there used to be ammunation here before and fits for an ammunation,I don't see any other reason why It can't be one again Image:
  4. Hello theochris! Your request has been approved,contact a property admin/senior admin to change the Interior! Regards, Nikky
  5. Name: Mark Brooks Type: House Reason: I need to move my Jefferson property NR.774 to here In Las Payadas and interior change also yard activation Image:
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