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    what is current offer
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  5. We are announcing that we will award one million US dollars to the one-millionth customer of our stores! (( You only need to buy a product from our shops and post it with the below format. )) (( Applications without screenshots will not be considered valid. )) (( Anyone can apply, including store managers. ) (( Results will be announced on March 31)) Application Format Name(IG): KonsopiA_Alemdar Shop: Willowfield Toolstore Screenshot: <screenshot.jpg> [K] The Garcia Toolstore Garcia, San Fierro, NR. 987 [K] The Queens Toolstore Queens, San Fierro, NR. 2381 [K] The Angel Pine Toolstore Angel Pine, Whetstone, NR. 2064 [K] The Bayside Toolstore Bayside, Tierra Robada, NR. 1444 [K] The EQ Toolstore El Quebrados, Tierra Robada, NR. 1170 [K] The EQ Gas Station Toolstore El Quebrados, Tierra Robada, NR. 1073 [K] The Las Payadas Toolstore Las Payadas, Tierra Robada, NR. 1020 [K] The Las Barrancas Toolstore Las Barrancas, Tierra Robada, NR. 2717 [K] The Redsands East Toolstore Redsands East, Las Venturas, NR. 1713 [K] The 4D Toolstore Four Dragons, Las Venturas NR. 1057 [K] The Blueberry Toolstore Red County, NR. 889 [K] The Dillimore Toolstore Dillimore, Red County, NR. 2041 [K] The Montogomery Toolstore Montogomery, Red County,NR. 271 [K] The Palamino Creek Toolstore [K] The Willowfield Toolstore Willowfield, Los Santos,NR. 880 [K] The East Los Santos Toolstore East Los Santos,Los Santos, NR.986 [K] The Las Colinas Toolstore Las Colinas, Los Santos,NR. 2211 [K] The Market Toolstore Market, Los Santos,NR. 1676 [K] The East Los Santos Pharmacy East Los Santos, NR. 2142 GOOD LUCK !
  6. Thanks mate I will validate it Validated. There is no fake bid. Current Offer is 12M
  7. 8M from phone no 30753
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