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  1. Team Name: Hellbanianz Main Members: Kenny_Harrelson, Enes_Soprano, Tom_Happy, Jimmy_Pellegrini. Replacement Members (Optional): None. What skin will your team use?: 271. Did you and your team read and fully understand the rules?: Yes.
  2. Property for sale at Mulholland Intersection, Los Santos - /gps 490 The house's value is 1.1m Starting bid for the BO is 150k Pictures of the house:
  3. True. Ngl tho the house is really good! and its well furnished. But for 5m? Goddamn bro 5M i can get a turismo. Nobody would trade a turismo for this house
  4. Name: Lawrence_Collins Type: House Reason: I need it because I'm part of the Fort Carson town so I would like to live there for now. Image:
  5. nice cat man ahhahaaha

  6. My name is Lawrence Collins, and i consider myself as a veteran in this server, i help newbies as much as i can even tho im not a helper (admon pliz akept mi ruquest).I really like the server, its a good way of entertainment and a good way to spend your time even when you are bored or something you still can do so much more.The server is currently doing really fine and i honestly think we have the best community out there, we talk on voice chats every night and im always the king of the show . Its a very good light - medium RP server with alot of things to do and it never gets old, GTA is like what, 10 years old or smth idk and look at this server, its still going like my hearts pulse on normal (if u dont know, go learn biology its 60 pulses per second).Valrise has good administration and reasonable community, after all im one of the community members so i hope you understand how i feel love you valrise.
  7. *claps* Great Job Weston, i was a spectator of the sceene and now the man is living happy with his fammily and his friends, thanks to this brave man.
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