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  1. Value: $3,500,000 Offer below
  2. Full name: Kikita Cadwell Address of residence: Paradiso, San Fierro Phone number: 6789 Email (( Discord tag )): doggies#6969 Date of Birth: 2018-05-31 Place of Birth: San Fierro What position are you applying for?: State Photographers Why should you be hired as a government employee?: Photography is my hobby and i would like to be come state photographers Agreement contract I, Kikita Cadwell, affirm that I've answered to the questions above with the best of my capacities and without lying or omitting any necessary information for the correct evaluation of my application. I solemnly Swear that I've got no unlawful or evil purposes concerning the safety of the State of San Andreas or the State of San Andreas' Government itself, and that I've not committed perjury or defamation within the application above. I agree to be subsequently punished under the law SA-PSC § III.8. Forgery for "Forgery" if found out that I've been lying or omitting necessarily required information within the application above.
  3. [b]In-game name:[/b] Kikita_Spagerolli [b]Why do you need the money:[/b] extreme poor [b]Chosen number:[/b] 98
  4. ImKiKi

    Selling Shamal

    Drop your offer, also shamal is out of stock in server dealership
  5. Selling vehicle plate for 70k
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