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  1. Exactly. Loved your contribution @Renisal
  2. The Fallen One On May 7, 2021, as the moon shined bright the San Andreas Police Department has lost another of their officer's life. The volunteer trooper Omar Adid requested backup over the radio as shots were being fired at his motorbike from a distant location. He requested additional units on the location to engage with the possible suspect with heavy arms, he fought with great courage and grit until his last breath. He was shot with a sniper and blood ran through his mouth as he asked the responded units to keep the motherland safe of all the threats, what a patriotic officer he was! He suddenly started losing his breath and got martyred on the spot while the second stage of CPR was being performed on the officer my the EMS Vincent Wilson. The department soon came into action and conducted a death scene investigation lead by State Trooper Elias Knight. The collected shreds of evidence and samples were sent to HQ for further analysis. Troopers soon sealed the area and before sending his body for Autopsy the troopers paid their deepest respect and salute to the fallen. The San Andreas Police Department performs its last rights ceremony will full honor. After the autopsy, the martyred was sent to the Los Santos Cemetery where he was provided with a gun salute and war cry of the San Andreas Police Department. The unit officer state trooper Elias Knight said, "Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime".
  3. I can do the web (hilly.ml) @dellpackerthe only n only great hilly flores!
  4. the only n only great hilly flores !
  5. You may divide your big budget to multiple portfolio businesses by simply getting them financed from Woods Bank Ltd. in simple weekly/monthly EMIs which you can pay from portion of your business revenue.
  6. Maxim Winters The Internal Affairs division of the SAFMD will investigate this case in detail and will take proper action on the medic in concern and the allegations made on the conduct of the department by Mr. Shehryar Khan, a former employee of SAFMD and all the supporters of his.
  7. [b]Username:[/b] Maxim [b]Comment:[/b] People of the state of San Andreas were tired of the corruption of previous Gov., his funded CSC & runner up candidate Richie was backed by Brandon himself. The recent investigation of FBI & these elections results are very satisfying.
  8. I'm sure you should have mentioned these points out of your personal experiences with the SAPD staff but for the matter of fact it appears like absolute asslick. Also, I request you to remove Winters from your username since as far as I know you're not associated with us.
  9. Well if thats the case our FD/EMS should run over everyone else in the path just to pick that goddamn body.
  10. I'm grateful to see your address for all these server related issues. This is an important time when we really need to focus on experiences of our new members so to build a friendly environment. I would really appreciated if you could find time to analyse issues with SAFMD and so the current command staff could take measures to fix it. The San Andreas Fire & Medical Department is continually trying to improve RP, opportunities and fun among members. We're happy that volunteers (new members) are helped with complete dedication by current official members.
  11. Some sort of car giveaway as a part of starter pack for the new member who joins the server and spends around an hour or two (also, after receiving a driving license). I welcome critics. EDIT: A paintball match arena where people can DM using weapons allocated by the server.
  12. Wow! I've never played Minecraft but this plan seems amazing and thank you for considering step-by-step guides for beginners. I'm not sure how is it being played or anything but will be a lot of fun for sure if other members of Mudoo Community will step into it altogether!
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