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  1. ahha accepting love from both especially from babita
  2. After meeting ShinChan at unity station he went to his beautiful Flashback Flashback (( Flashback back revolves around the time when Tillu was at Los santos and didn't left for Liberty city )) After an unsuccessful business Tillu had no money to live and to clear the debt , he was bankrupt that time and That time there was some heated situation between SAGOV and rebellion groups of bone county so many people were suffering because of that and many youngsters went into bad things and Tillu was one of them. Tillu was bankrupt so once his friend Told him about The Frost Brotherhood That cook drugs for them and they will pay him, At first Tillu rejected the offer because of fear but the need of money took him there and he started cooking drugs. He knew what he was doing is wrong but he liked that because from the Frost Brotherhood he made some good friends like Cicilia, Antonio, Okesh, Golem, Dom and while working for Frost he met Rose Oberoi (( Oberoi with single 'i')) and She became his crush but he never told her and he was happy with that as Rose was a part of his friend circle where the group of 5 friends used to have fun at Prickle Pine house. Once he went to buy some materials from dealer at East LS there he met BoChan a chubby lady and Tillu started SIMPing with her, then they started spending time together and Tillu was too happy. But Good phase of life doesn't stays too long Bad phase comes and then the bad phase of Tillu's life starts He and His father took debt of around 5M from local moneylenders and they started coming for Their Money and started threatning him. He was too afraid and coward He decided to leave the city so he called BoChan that he is leaving the city, that time Bochan told she is pregnant and Tillu had no money for them so he left them And called his friend James Oberoi to create a fake news that His friend Tillu was burnt to death and he came here to take revenge. He did this and everyone believed that news Present Time After meeting ShinChan he started missing BoChan and started crying that he did wrong. Then he told everything to Shinchan but Shinchan already knew it. As Tillu was homeless and Jobless ShinChan took him to his and James Oberoi's daughter Rose Oberoii's company and gave him job there. He was happy but then he saw that moneylender met with an accident that time he had 2 choice to let him die or to help him. This time he took the right decision and helped him and due to that they cleared all his debt After This thing happened he got a lesson that Bad time remain for a few time you can run from it or fight from it if you run it will come back and of you fight then it wont. From that he never ran from problems instead of running and he started creating a solution and got a second lesson too to live in los santos you dont need money you just have to be brave and kind there are so many kind people there they will help you, you just keep helping others And now Tillu can be seen near Pershing sq giving free beers to everyone and chilling with officers to reduce their stress from Job and in the hope that he will meet his Friends from Frost Brotherhood again
  3. Aww schi? I think you guided me thats why character became like this
  4. Yea i think so after getting so many compliments i came to know about it
  5. Tillu DaruVala born at Las Baracass ,LV. His father used to run wine shop and mother was bar tender in the bar near wine shop. They migrated from india and they used to sell alcohol in black so they Kept their surname DaruVala as DaruVala means guy who sells Alcohol in Hindi. He was so dumb guy in his school time and he was failed 7 times in class 5 then he left school and joined his father business, but he was too dumb because of him that business went flop and he closed that business as he was in debt and went to Liberty city as he got a job their as a labour in Ship. Few years later Tillu came back to San Andreas after getting kicked from that company from Liberty city because of his dumbness. After coming back to SA he didn't went to his old house as he was in debt so he used to stay at Unity station, Los santos. At los santos he made some friends but still he was jobless so he started SAXI TAXI corp. And started working as taxi driver. While working as Taxi driver he got to know about his sexuality that he is bisexual and a SIMP Now he is roaming arround LS and SIMPING with girls and sometimes with handsome bois and trying to earn money After few days he met Shinchan and then he went to his beautiful flashback Flashback will be in part 2
  6. Uff nice one, Alex the robin hood of needy guys in los Santos
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