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  2. Username: aMonkeysUncle Comment: Well I'll be damned... I thought this was 'Mudoo! Ye can't just change the constitution, this shit never ain't gonna pass congress..
  3. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Ace Westbrooks new Governor of San Andreas By: Billy Bumpkin | 9th May, 2020. As of today, San Andreas has a new governor. Ace Westbrooks and his party The Libertarian Democrats have won the election today by a very tight margin of 7 votes. The results were announced today at Los Santos city hall. The runner up Richie Kavanagh had 119 votes and lastly with roughly 15 percent of the
  4. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL LOCAL | ENTERTAINMENT SAN NEWS Weekly Report S1E1 By: Billy Bumpkin | 9th May, 2020. Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome! I'm your host Billy Bumpkin, and you're watching The Weekly Report! The show where we take a look at some notable moments that happened last week. And what a week it has been! With the polling stations now closed and counting votes, this week brings
  5. *An ad appears on your screen.* Vote for the people who can actually make a change! Vote for YOUR FUTURE! #VoteRichie #Vote4Future
  6. Yeah that could work. I like this idea.
  7. In-game name: Billy_Bumpkin Date of when you discovered the bug: 04/22/20 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: I discovered this bug by chance when responding to a help ticket. When you type /tired it puts you in a tired animation. The problem is that you can't get out of it again. /SA doesn't work, aiming, hitting or jumping doesn't either. The only thing that works is relogging. Additional content: I don't know if this animation is sup
  8. Enforce the same rules for everyone > kick out the bad apples > get a healthier community > attract better players
  9. I completely agree on this matter. The admins act way too lenient in some situations. The last couple days some people have been trying to rob me using threats of reporting. For example: "COMPLY NOW OR I'LL /REPORT" Even when fully complying. Now that seems like power abuse to me. I get that the rules here on Mudoo are less strictly enforced than let's say on a heavy RP server, but come on... these admins look like a bunch of parents who lost total control over their 80 kids who all have autism and ADHD... 2 days ago I ran into someone in Bone County who was cooking heroin. I drove by
  10. I'm gonna have to agree with this. Even though I got robbed 3 times yesterday in the process of putting down some fences on my property. (Must be my tough luck) The removal of blips made the game play a whole lot more exciting. May the staff team decide to keep them removed indefinitely, I'd suggest waiting till all of the scripts have been updated with the proper precautions. Don't rush it.
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