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  1. Team name: IX Legion Player 1/Leader: Staz_Gonzales | @Staz Player 2: Luzziz_Walker | @Luzziz Player 3: Rock_Cahill | @Rock Player 4: Ron_Aternos | @MarksmanV2 Player 5: Luke_Gambino | @Volume Player 6(Substitute): David_Coleman | @David Player 7(Substitute): Exodus_Paparazzi } @Vladimir
  2. Unbanned and obliged to use CAC from now on.
  3. - Folder screenshots do not prove anything. Anything can be altered, the files themselves, file names, date modified etc. - The clips you're showing at just some basic shots on still players. Sure thing. Doesn't the decrease in FPS make it harder for you to aim? Any hack can be toggled. You did not miss last 4 consecutive shots against me while I was running around you. Not impossible but your ped aim was not synced at all. Also, according to damage logs. You hit 2 deagle shots against someone else within 1 second before. Would you elaborate on how did you manage to do that, your skills? I'd like to give you a chance to admit that you used some type of aim assistance (triggerbot/aim) in the server. If you admit, you will be unbanned with the usual proceedings. Otherwise, you will be dealt harshly.
  4. -May 2nd. You can re-apply on August 2nd. DO NOT make new forum accounts or the time will be extended.
  5. You have 349 hours of gameplay and 11 punishments along with 6 verbal warnings. You're not new here, you're well aware of the regulations. I spent 30 minutes looking for logs and questioning Bugsy_Gambino for the stuff that you were making up. Do you want me to treat you as a toddler and inform that reporting someone based on false accusations & lying to staff is wrong? So far, you disagreed with Billy, called Kira a liar and me a power abuser. I like how're you going here. I would prefer not to get involved in this report, just wanted to clarify it for Billy that your report against Bugsy wasn't related to casino scamming, it was for deathmatch.
  6. I'm very well aware how that situation started. You won the gamble from Gambinos and they were not happy with it, so Bugsy decided to roleplay robbery and ended up killing you. You reported him for deathmatch there to which Kira responded and later on I overtook it. Doesn't matter what made him roleplay a robbery. There is no correlation of casino scamming with it. "I never said scamming is allowed in there, I said it is allowed OUTSIDE of casino" - Kira.
  7. Your report against Bugsy_Gambino was related to deathmatch, not casino scamming. You'll surely be issued a warning for attempting to mislead staff. P.S: The Four Dragons, Royal Casino and Starfish are official casinos.
  8. A warning, temporary ban and permanent ban for DM. Maybe it wasn't just your "third robbery." Your character can be a thief but you have to roleplay prior to being lethal. Roleplaying that as in giving warnings, giving the victim a chance to respond and not just going on a DM spree just because your character is a robber. What change can I expect in your behaviour after getting unbanned?
  9. You'll be obliged to use CAC from now on. More information here : https://mudoogaming.com/cac Unbanned.
  10. 8 permanent bans out of which 4 are for cheating. Denied.
  11. 24 punishments including 5 permanent bans, no. Denied.
  12. Appeal again and you'll be muted on forums.
  13. Any further punishment related to deathmatch and you'll stay permanently banned. Unbanned.
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