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  1. I wonder what would have happened to people if it hadn't been denied the restart of wealth, management is trying to fix the situation and now people are complaining. I wish the FBI could do seizures/confiscations more often. But people cannot be changed, they are greedy.
  2. such a beautiful house, I can hardly hold back tears of joy, I would like to cut out my eyes, so the last thing I see is this masterpiece

    Last night

    Did you really expect to have a proper RP scenario with Spagerollis? their biggest achievement in-game is creation of their pathetic group. and its not only about Spagerollis as Loc said there are other retarded, uncivilized and uneducated groups too.
  4. You can suggest if you want to see changes, but you should understand that suggestion should be fair, it should be equally fair for Cops/Criminals/Civilians. Blaming Community for the faults of people is wrong, the community is you, me, and hundreds of other players. i am talking about criminals... Aaron
  5. It becomes worse because of uncivilized and uneducated groups, retarded groups who can't even role-play one simple damned traffic stop, Do you really think that people do not understand what is right and wrong? of course, they do understand but there are two types of people here, one who understands and supports the "right" and 2nd who supports the thing which is good for them. Reason is lack of education nothing more. How realistic is to call a back-up for one man who is suspected for vehicular evasion? how realistic is to start WW3 instead of running or instead of giving up
  6. Another "cry me a river" topic?
  7. I simply could not stop one person, can you imagine? one person without starting ww3, Group alliance is ruining situations for sure, let me explain why when I did try to stop a person, not a big deal usual traffic stop person just uses wt panic or just spams location name. Tell me how realistic is to call a battalion to help one person and wipe out the whole SAPD, I do understand to call back up and in backup, I mean providing driver or better vehicle or pilot to escape the cops, but not to start ww3. I don't get why the government is not doing his job? When I arrest the
  8. if cops will provoke (and i believe its an Ic situation) you can take proofs and report them to SAPD chief and etc. If they do any kind of shit which is breaking game rule i believe you know what to do, you are a part of staff team. Note - group of people are just civilians until they do crime.
  9. Cops are allowed to patrol and check each and every corner if needed to be, if random cop will pull you over for idiotic reason (most likely new players/cops do so) follow his commands and try not to shoot him as soon as he asks you to turn off engine or to put your hands up, 2nd try to record (icly) and if he does something which is breaking the law, you can contact SAPD supperiors in game and player/cop will be suspended/punished. Now let's talk about "reverse cop baiting" There is possibility to encounter corrupt cop which is rare,(most of the time newbies dm around as soon a
  10. What is your in-game name? Thomas Walker Which staff member banned you? Sam Rosso When did you get banned? 11/04/19 What is the ban reason? deathmatching Personal comment i would like to see proofs, i did nothing wrong and there is not a single chance to prove it. Situation: one of our group member was asking for help we did arrive in time and when we did Gambino guy did open fire with deagle, but he could not take me down i knocked him and left him there, end of story. Aiko_Kann
  11. VIKING

    Staff Roster

    Reinstated as Lead Administrator(4): @Amine
  12. Score and money has been added on your accounts IX - 1000 score and 1 000 000$ AC - 500 score and 500 000$ PR - 250 score and 250 000$
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