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  1. Been a pleasure my guy! Have a nice one good luck on life wishing you the best Ong -Percy
  2. Percy_Miller


    I offer buynow for sade3
  3. What type and what city are they located in I’d like to place a bid.
  4. Sold Nigga been sold didn’t last 1 hr
  5. Businesses in Los santos, palo, BB and dilli
  6. Better learn supply and demand selling tactics
  7. You people have no knowledge or tactic on selling, supply and demand the demand on pot houses are very very high so if you would’ve bidded 14m what is worth i guarantee you someone else would’ve bidded higher because he needs it more than you because he can mass produce if he already have multiple pot houses the demand on it made it go up instead of bidding he’d just buy it now for 17m you instead of sliming his chances of winning the bid.. needless to say you niggas is broke you should RP more you’d have more money
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