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  1. He rather insults players as a admin, instead of explaining to me my punishment.
  2. The real question you should be asking him why is Percy the only one punished? Why you didn’t review his evidence?? Why didn’t you properly investigate it knowingly two different parties were involved. Seem like he only took a side
  3. What is your in-game name? Percy_Luellen Which staff member banned you? Aim (Brian) When did you get banned? 03/20/2023 What is the ban reason? DM with no interaction, admin lies on player Personal comment EXPLANATION OF WHAT HAPPENED: It’s me Tytus_Weed, Rayen_Brix all at gs9 (which is OUR HQ) because we’re NBA Tariq_Moniterio, and Daniel Kingston (our rivals) comes over to our HQ and rayen and tytus are damaging Tariq’s car and walking on it consistently Tariq’s says “GET THE FUCK OFF MY CAR” I then says “FUCK YO CAR” he then says “okay we’ll see when the cops leave” then goes on the side Alhambra withdraws a rifle and points it at us, me and tytus circled the block and came back cops was gone… Remember Tariq says wait until cops leave?? Tariq and Daniel comes back to our HQ FOR A SECOND TIMES this time pulls right up on me rayen and tytus shouting to us at our HQ AFTER he just threatened us when the police leave.. as he shouted ay yo!! He exited his vehicle and shouted at our HQ we all killed them both only I got banned (that’s corrupt activity right there why am I the only one punished? Answer that) I was banned for DM - No interaction how we didn’t have interaction if he threatened us , i insulted him, he insulted us, he’s a rival enemy, he pointed a rifle at us LMAO FFS that’s valid enough to kill… it’s a server offense to come to group HQ baiting consistently they came multiple times and called Brian when they died.. brian wasn’t even ingame it was 3 other admins in game that didn’t take action Tariq personally contacted Brian and made him ban me this is wrong.. You cannot consider Tariq’s evidence and not consider ours or even not review that’s a sign of biased activity and favortism.. considering ACTIVE GANG BLOODS ARE FULL OF ADMINS We have videos ready to prove this interaction actually happened, I play this server day in day out, any admins that roleplayed with me or came across me Ingame knows I play properly I may have had some bumps in the beginning but I have been respecting the server rules and the server itself.. MY WHOLE POINT IS THAT I DID’NT DM ANYBODY AND WE IN FACT DID HAVE A INTERACTION BRIAN IS A BULLSHIT ASS ADMIN WHO LIES ON PLAYERS IM WILLING TO PROVE MY INNOCENCE AND HAVE THIS EXPUNGED I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH WITNESSES ON THE INTERACTION THAT IS A FALSE PUNISHMENT SIGNIFICANT BAN/PUNISHMENT HISTORY Those with a significant ban history fall under the 4+ category. This will be reviewed with consultation of Management. An unban is not guaranteed here, as it has to be determined whether or not you will be suitable to continue playing on the server. If it's determined that you may be given an opportunity, the review date may be set further into the future than the consequence table dictates. I WANT MANAGEMENT TO DISCUSS THIS AND REVIEW THIS CASE WITH TRUTH AND FAIRNESS I DIDNT KILL NOBODY WITHOUT A VALID REASON IF I DID ID BE DRIVING AROUND SHOOTING UP PPL TELLING THEM HANDS UP AND JUST SHOOTING BECAUSE THEY DIDNT I DONT FUCKING BREAK SERVER RULES I HAVENT BEEN PUNISHED IN OVER A MONTH I DONT GIVE MANAHEMRNT A HARD TIME ITS UNFAIR AND FAVORITISM AND IS UNJUSTICE I INTERACTED WITH DO YALL KNOW WHAT THE HELL INTERACTION IS??
  4. Noted .. really looking for cash but I’ll take you’re offer in consideration
  5. What words “Shut the fuck up?” Go cry lil bruh
  6. If you got 15m hit me up we can deal .. however if you don’t want to bid or buyout .. shut the fuck up with your unwanted opinions on my thread #respectfully
  7. Nobody came forward to deal, money talk I can careless for bluffs first come first served
  8. NR 1431 Value :400k Starting bid: 5M Buyout: 15M
  9. Percy_Luellen I added you on disc
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