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  1. No that is an current issue which most likely will be fixed soon. As soon as you have the + on one character it should remain, unless you obviously disconnect/close the launcher.
  2. Bids by this guy not to be considered, was a guy impersonating someone else.
  3. 1. I decided to go with a ban because every 2nd guy that I'd talk to would come with the brother, cousin, uncle, sister, grandma, grandpa and children story hence there is no point, but as you were admiting in the 2nd post that you had accounts before it's more reasonable to believe your side of the story. 2. You'll be unbanned and the ban will be expunged, but make sure to let us know before any family member or whatever makes/has an account using the same pc/ip. 3. For the discord part you can message me your name via discord (Reload#0401) and I'll let you know the reason.
  4. I mean we are pretty aware of it which is why you also got banned, so don't really know what else you can help with at this point.
  5. After evaluating your ban, I've decided to give you another chance but do not repeat multiaccounting and show good behaviour or you will end up getting banned as well.
  6. Why did you use it and why did you deny that you used it before while evidence was clear for everyone?
  7. All that evidence clearly proves otherwise, hence theres no reason to lie about it, it's clear that illegal mods were used and if you keep denying it I don't see a will of you trying not to use them again.
  8. Why bothering to deny that you used cheat, with all that evidence given which clearly shows the usage of illegal modifications?
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