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  3. What is your in-game name? Roberto Makaveli Which staff member banned you? Dizzy Walker When did you get banned? 04/09/2021 What is the ban reason? Community Banned - Leaking irl pictures of community members Personal comment It has been 9 months since all this drama have started, i've already shown my regret and apologised to each one of the members i leaked their pics, majority said they have moved on whatever happened and it was Enes Soprano remaining, we had a talk after my last appeal and he told me that he wasn't ready to forgive me yet, maybe later. I'm not sure if he moved on as well but i hope he did, however, 2 months passed since my last appeal, and im still interested to play on your server, at least for the upcoming month since I'll have university resuming later on. I've been always a clean player and my punishments history might be showing that, wishing that you consider it. i fucked up bigtime once and i wish to be forgiven and back to what i've always been on. I guess even with Enes forgiving me, i still need some kind of approval from managers since im community banned, Im looking for a second chance if possible, if not just tell me not to bother appealing again and i'll just get lost, thank you. EDIT: i also owe an apology to everyone i deathmatched while banevading.
  4. So far I have received one positive feedback which was from Weston Lockeheed. far away from this ban, despite it will be lifted or not, i hope that Eduardo and Enes have personally forgiven me for what i have done to them and accepted my apology.
  5. I have already done that before the appeal for two of these guys, the people that i have shared their pictures were Enes Soprano, Weston Lockeheed and Eduardo Santos. The only one left is Eduardo since his DMs are closed on discord and i can't send him a friend request. I'll be glad to send the him the letter as well.
  6. - The way i have behaved back then was totally wrong, and i do admit that. And i'll be 100% honest with you about the banevading part, it is fun at some point to banevade and act totally braindead killing people with no (valid) reason, but on the other hand, i was disturbing player's game, making them rage to admins, not only that but also making more damages to staff team like wasting their time etcetera.., Mentality changes by time, that was a pathetic childish act from me. - I have claimed that i have no interest on playing on my main account anymore, not the server as whole, as i didn't like the way administration team have handeled some of my reports back then, yes i should've just /q and delete the server from favourite list coming back when calmed down, but as i said in my previous statement, we cannot go back over to the past. I remember that i went to SMB and trolled on PD duty with DeShawn Anderson, random suspecting some individuals there in order to get banned. - Apologies expressions won't be enough to show how i regret whatever i did in the past 3 months, i know that i have no chances comparing to what i have done to the players and staff members and its not easy to give one to me, but i hope to come back and play with my friend @Subbe, clean and by rules as i always was before this ban.
  7. What is your Discord account? glass#3881 When did you get banned? No idea What is the ban reason? Community Banned Personal comment IF my SA:MP Community ban gets lifted, i'd like to be unbanned from Valrise's discord server too, since i have never violated any of it rules.
  8. What is your in-game name? Roberto Makaveli Which staff member banned you? Dizzy Walker When did you get banned? No idea What is the ban reason? Community Banned- Leaking irl pictures of community members. Personal comment - few months ago i have re-shared IRL pictures of some of community members/staff that were shared previously by some other community banned person, i have apologized to each one of them privately on discord plateform, hopefully they have really forgiven me. - Today i decided to quit banevading after i had a little talk with one of the adminstrators that i have re-shared his IRL pictures (Enes-Soprano), he gave me this opportunity to ban appeal my community ban and to be reviewed by management of Valrise Gaming community. I truly apologize for the constant banevading under a lot of names in the last 3 months, it is true that i have made a lot of good characters (such as DeOntray) that have never pissed off anyone, neither rulebreaked, but i know right that it is not a reason to keep banevading as it is forbidden on any server's rules, also sincere apologies for the accounts that i was retarted on, that were disturbing Valrise's players gameplay with either Deathmatching or Random robbing people (if you want me to state all my ban evading accounts please mention that on a reply). As well as Valrise's administration team, that had to deal with my stupidity everytime, wasting their time refunding the other parties that have been Deathmatched by me. I shouldn't have behaved the way i did and I know apologizing after the shit ton of DM fests that i have made on multiple accounts wont make any difference to the management, neither the player base of the server, but going back over to the past is impossible, im trying to take the right path starting from today and quit banevading and disturbing people's game right n left. - Again im deeply sorry for all what i have done and I'll promise you either this ban was lifted or not, i won't banevade anymore, and if there are any conditions i do accept them. Best regards, glass.
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