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  1. You'll be given another chance to play. Getting an unban next time won't be as easy for you, so please do not break the rules again. To be unbanned.
  2. Your exact ban reason was "Constantly ramming on purpose after being told to stop, not here to roleplay". Judging based off of the ban reason it seemed like you had no intentions to roleplay on a roleplay server, doesn't sound right to me. How can I be sure that you will not ram people anymore and how will I know that you're actually looking to play by the rules?
  3. How can we know for sure that you've learnt your lesson? After seeing your last 2 appeals it seems like you don't have any kind of remorse for your actions, you just want to get unbanned without even apologising for what you've done. Do you think what you did is in any way acceptable?
  4. Duplicate, creator claims to not be able to respond to this, hence L&A.
  5. 2fa can be bypassed very easily if your token gets grabbed, dont do stupid shit. 2fa means nothing.
  6. I have been clear, continuing to make appeals will result in your forum posting being restricted.
  7. 4 DM-related punishments in a single week..... I don't think anything was inappropriate about the permanent ban, in my opinion. If you insist that it was an excessive punishment, you can report Ammy here. Meanwhile, I suggest you explain how you got 4 DM-related punishments in a single week.
  8. As long as you live with this mentality, telling a handling admin to get lost, you can get lost. Do not appeal before 28/7/2021, any appeal in the mean time will be denied.
  9. You will be given another chance to play on Valrise, next time won't be this easy for you to get unbanned. You will be forced to play with CAC and 50% of your networth will be removed from you. I suggest you play according to the rules to avoid any future bans. To be unbanned shortly.
  10. What illegal modification did you use? How long did you use it? Why did you use it?
  11. We do not set any new properties. L&A.
  12. No need to play around and think we're stupid, there's sufficient evidence to back up the ban that was issued on you. You were clearly using illegal modifications and you're denying it here. I'm giving you a final chance to come clean, otherwise I must deny this appeal.
  13. Approved. Property moved and interior changed.
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