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  1. Absolutely not welcome here. We both know your history here and it goes a bit further than just those 2 accounts you've named. Denied.
  2. No, you're not getting unbanned. We have not forgotten your actions. Denied.
  3. Take a few days off to come back to your senses. We're not going to act like you've been an angel, especially considering your behavior on Discord.If you disagree with the punishment, you make a staff report and leave it at that. You are in no position to be insulting or attacking anyone. Make a staff report if you didn't make one already. You will be unbanned automatically if the punishment is deemed invalid. As long as that is not the case, do not create another ban appeal before the 12th of April 2023.
  4. didnt know you could make ban appeals in your grave denied
  5. Take your time and come up with something to say. Don't appeal before you're ready.
  6. Denied. Do not bother to re-appeal any time soon.
  7. You were already unbanned by Hammad and your ban was expunged. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  8. The management team is in fact not mistaken. Your ban will not be lifted. Denied.
  9. Denied. We are not tolerating this behavior. We have no leniency towards people leaking other people's information. I don't wanna see an appeal coming from you for a minimum of 3 months.
  10. Until you're ready to make a serious appeal, do not even bother to re-appeal. We're not here to deal with your jokes.
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