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  1. fuck gadino lmao. 2nd guy fuck him twice. such an offence should not be forgiven. this is serious breach of security and trust.
  2. My cock is ready. Valrise is different from all other FIVEM servers, we'll get to see Paki Taliban roleplay in Grand Senora with Sandy Shores being Kabul.
  3. There should be car rental groups with prices moderated by the management//administration.
  4. Valrise will move to UGMP, simple. After all its a reference to Diaz and UG's release is just around the corner.
  5. Name: RetardAlert77 Comment: A 100% reduction makes the value of anything 0, how the fuck do you have a 900% reduction???
  6. unban ahmed jemai for a concert 

  7. i dont have an idea on the prices of these vehicles im willing to negotiate if you provide one.
  8. A patriot and a huntley, both of them are stock, give your offer.
  9. Join the FLA! We fight to form a land where people can exercise their right to carry heavy weaponry and narcotics. Create a land free of oppression.

  10. Name: Eric Hartmann, Viktory#4215 Property Type: Weed house Requesting a property interior change. My weed houses have different interiors, it would be nice if they were the same. Adding to that 2 of my weed houses have a bugged weed plant. An admin suggested the resetting of the interior to fix that problem, so a change altogether would be helpful. I'll dm the locations and interior on discord due to MG issues.

  12. From Light Yagami to Light Uranus gg. I think you should move the topic to this section : ==> https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/forum/277-ic-character-stories/
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