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  1. Sir, with all my respect, i want you to know that this is my main account. I don't want to return to the two first accounts as i ruined everything. Sir, with all my respect, I want that if I'll get unbanned, I want that this account will be unbanned but not the others please. Why I did it ? I know that it's disallowed but I did it actually because I ruined everything in my two accounts like I wasn't there for rp, but just to gain money and scamming... I had this account and as you can see in my profile, I write a story and I post some rp scenes, because i want to play a serious rp in this beautiful server. The mistake I also made is that i didn't want that the money of the first two acounts will be gone like that, so i send them to this account. As Mr. Ace and Mr. Deandre told me, this is money farming, i didn't really know that in his full meaning, and I totally agree with them, and I am really sorry for what I did.
  2. What is your in-game name? Light_Jupiter Which staff member banned you? Deandre_Jackson When did you get banned? 08/11/2020 What is the ban reason? Multiaccount Personal comment Hello, I want to say for the date of the ban, sorry but i completly forget it. I didn't make a ban appeal when i got banned. I punished myself to not play mudoo because of my mistake. I am sorry for what I did, sorry for lying to Mr. Deandre and Mr. Ace, they were good persons if they know that i am wrong. I did multi account with (Nate_River and Ryuk_Pluton). Sorry for everything, I won't do that again. Thank you for your answer
  3. Here is the evidence : https://imgur.com/a/6Ta7QH9
  4. What is your in-game name? Light_Jupiter Which staff member banned you? Harold_Remington When did you get banned? 08/05/2020 What is the ban reason? Weapon Hacks Personal comment Hello admins ! I got banned for weapon hacks, I want to know what weapon hacks did I use ? I was in a meeting with Sergio Gadino and he gave me a sniper and 2 m4 cases. Arriving at home, I used the cases. I had a problem when storing it (I stored it but the weapon stays in my hand). The admin banned me for weapon hacks The evidence (I have screenshots but I can't post it, pm me via discord) and there was Sergio_Gadino, Tahj_Vendetta and another player who saw when Sergio gave me the cases
  5. Respect for the God Father @Lopez and all the members of The Carlton Crew !!
  6. 2. Meeting the God Father of The Carlton Crew : (1)
  7. @Lopez Thank you mate ! I'll post our scenes soon ! At 12 p.m i'll be in the server
  8. @iChiwi find me ic'ly sometimes and we'll have fun
  9. @Julio Thank you my man !! And thanks for doing a great job and helping everyone on the server
  10. @Shubham47 Thank you for your commentary, and thanks for your help for the new players, You were always kind and respectful while doing your job.
  11. @Ed Thank you mate, I'm looking to do my best and giving some rp scenes for the players.
  12. Ohhh haha you're in the black car ?@iChiwi Thank you.
  13. @Kira for the moment, I am playing it secretly and trying to know some players, I'll make roleplay scenes soon.
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