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  1. Hello @Sensei! After reviewing your appeal, I want to make a note that you should not joke around with such thing, it violates not just community rules, but a real crime. Make sure to not annoy players otherwise, you'll receive heavy punishment about it, we do not tolerate things twice. Unbanned Regards, Queen
  2. Was done in-game and paid
  3. Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time.
  4. Hello @Cuauhtemoc Maldonado! You were banned this year not 2022, specifically for the relentless rule breaking, randomly ramming people, spamming chat, by a Manager, on 23rd August 2023. No you are not welcome back with such attempt, try to get your mind up, with proper information, not fake one, and you don't need to use some holiday as excuse to play here, this not a train station where you come & go willy-nilly breaking rules left & right and expect to be welcomed back with warm arms. One more thing, you already have 8 active punishments including the ban you received, 5 extra bans regarding your trolling, cheating with illegal modifications, advertising, overall, unfit to play the server. Try again after new year, 2023 is not the date you want make an appeal at. Regards, Queen
  5. Hello James! You were not banned for being retarded, you were banned for leaking real-life information in our community along with 7 bans in your record, you can try your chances later but I doubt it, this appeal is denied. Kind regards, Queen
  6. Hello @Milton_Friedman! Unfortunately we are going to deny your appeal as you seem to have same behaviour as before, and you are not willing to be a new person. Your appeal is denied. Spamming forum with any nonsense will get your account banned in forum too. Regards, Queen
  7. Hello again Martin! This is your fourth appeal in same short period of time annoying again staff team to unban you after you annoyed them for dice unbanning you. Your appeal is being reviewed not by administration but management as well, so don't think you have high chances of getting unbanned. This is serious and you are once again violating number one rule of ban appeals. One little message about your unban and you will re appeal next year as AiM recommended. Don't waste your chance. Regards, Queen
  8. @Fuker 12 hours to reply to the above message, otherwise I'll lock this appeal and you can try next month.
  9. Hello @Don.....! Rules are simple, yet you failed to follow it. We understand your frustration, nobody wants to be in your position, but you just violated one of the important rules of a ban appeal; Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Therefore your unban will be delayed, appeal next week. Kind regards, Queen
  10. Hello @Mythia Batfordd! We are glad that you are finally unbanned, and you are able to join our server again. However, we cannot assist you in this form as this is meant for banned players not unbanned with support issues. Consider joining our official Valrise Discord server by clicking here and using our ticket system in #support channel at the said Discord server. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to send me a forum private message (PM) or a direct message (DM) in Discord tag: angelicqueen Regards, Queen
  11. Hello @Fuker! You were banned by our Senior Admin AiM (Alex Reynolds) on 29 Jun 2023 at 14:27 CET for Usage of Illegal Modifications; "FramerateVigilante" after being told to remove it yet you did not. You also got banned few times before including two other bans regarding cheats. Why you think we should allow you again? What purpose you serve for community with your cheats in our server. I need a real answer not asking for forgiveness rather explain what are your steps, what will you do if you get chance to get unbanned. Note that your reply wouldn't really get you unbanned but it will show us how interested are you for a change. It is always up to Server Managers to decide on that. Regards, Queen
  12. Hello @Ali_Rojas! We regret to inform you that your appeal is denied due to the lack of interest. Ensure to appeal next time, making sure to show interest that you with to be unbanned. Regards, Queen
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