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  1. Luciano_Hozay


    VIN: 18194 Huntley - 3KHP & BP Tires & Level 2 Windows Huntley with 3KHP (nontransferable) and Level 2 windows was set as per chart (if anything contact us thru groupowners chat DONE
  2. Car shuts down after 1K HP and SWAT Bunker still got like 5K HP? Leave Armour as it is. Decrease SWAT Bunker Armour to 6K instead. This whole 1.5KHP sounds like a Cop Suggestion.
  3. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/975828292227711037/1018444263752740916/gallery2.jpg
  4. [/gps 2045] Value: It's Between 200K - 300K Buy Now: 5Mill Starting Bid: 4Mill Owner Will Sell When Satisfied With The Price. House Is Relocated Near Fort Carson Rental.
  5. To be honest businesses outside Los Santos ain't so profitable anymore because of Playerbase but this will help me save money on buying water and food etc. I hope Hozay Family can own this Business.
  6. Palmonio Creek House For Sale Near The Beach. GPS: 2159 Value: 200K BO: 600K
  7. Business GPS: 2374 I want it relocated to this place in Kings near our HQ: I want the Interior Changed to this Interior, I don't know the number so here is a picture of it: My Reason For This Relocation & Interior Change Is: I want to create another RP Environment in our Territory which is called Kings. Black Mafia Families are known for running Nightclubs and dealing drugs inside to it's customers. I'm trying to promote more RP and Less DM.
  8. Here you go, it has a Door and a Garage Door on the right side.
  9. Property Number: 312 Property That It Must Be Relocated To: Since my Building is already a Warehouse Interior, I feel like this will fit perfectly. This Property is located near the Pier in San Fierro and it is actually Warehouses Buildings. Since Kings Incorporated is based in San Fierro, I feel like all our Properties needs to be in San Fierro.
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