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  1. Hire some newbies, why should you need 'volunteer' as a must?
  2. Starting bid 9M, anything lower won't be counted
  3. Address: NR. 2289 Starting Bid: 7 M Instant sale on: 9M
  4. Why don't you bring in script where civilian vehicles will spawn around the map when less than 5 taxi drivers are on duty? Also Taxi drivers should not be able to take part in turfs or drugs production to avoid abusers occupying the job in order to prevent civilian vehicles spawn
  5. -1 on the forced war declaration and the additional point, Craze being craze. looks more likely some tryharder dm'ers coming into an rp server, making other rival groups closed based on a stupid rulebreaking unfair war as if they are ck'ing an entire group with ooc war rules. Some dominates with skills, some dominates with number/rp. This suggestion is only promoting that "DM dominates over all". Learn to take the roleplay rivalry as a roleplay instead of crying over a simple "omg they kidnapped our member, omg they raided our hq, come war us you fucking bots".
  6. just ban this jamie already, always picking faults in every simple little things
  7. As long as I am not one of the group owners, I can assure you I won't show my retardness publicly. Moreover, I will try to keep my opinions low or be careful with them before sharing with others. So yeah, It will stop somehow.
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