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  1. Why don't you bring in script where civilian vehicles will spawn around the map when less than 5 taxi drivers are on duty? Also Taxi drivers should not be able to take part in turfs or drugs production to avoid abusers occupying the job in order to prevent civilian vehicles spawn
  2. -1 on the forced war declaration and the additional point, Craze being craze. looks more likely some tryharder dm'ers coming into an rp server, making other rival groups closed based on a stupid rulebreaking unfair war as if they are ck'ing an entire group with ooc war rules. Some dominates with skills, some dominates with number/rp. This suggestion is only promoting that "DM dominates over all". Learn to take the roleplay rivalry as a roleplay instead of crying over a simple "omg they kidnapped our member, omg they raided our hq, come war us you fucking bots".
  3. just ban this jamie already, always picking faults in every simple little things
  4. As long as I am not one of the group owners, I can assure you I won't show my retardness publicly. Moreover, I will try to keep my opinions low or be careful with them before sharing with others. So yeah, It will stop somehow.
  5. What is your Discord account? Huzayfa#8912 When did you get banned? 07/25/2021 What is the ban reason? Not sure, but assuming it might be for accusing Craze of brainwashing Daniel Comboll Personal comment The date here mentioned isn't confirmed, but somewhere around . It was the last few hours of my stay in group owners chat as my group (Ocean Blue Fish Company) was about to be removed from the server due to lack of activity. As I remember, I was emotionally hurt by the news of me losing my half brown half black round shaped "Group Owner" role, so the only thing or shittalk I might have said then was "Craze is the one brainwashing Daniel to deloit my group". If you look at the meaning, " Brainwashing " doesn't always mean something negative+ it was only an opinion or my personal thoughts while answering Eazy with a sarcasm, I wasn't even warned to be careful with my word or asked to show any proof of my claims. After a few hours I came back and found myself banned . So rude! Could have kicked me once or deleted my group instantly to get me off the channel, but ban? Also, I was never toxic and left shittalking on admins after getting muted once by Jones. I am already familiar for suggesting good stuffs and doing great discussions on group owners. Still ben? Apologies to Craze I attacked him personally. (take this as a symbol of my apology to you ser Khalid King) Would be grateful to the admuns if I am unbanned
  6. In-Game name : Huza_Joseph Discord id : Huzayfa#8912 Activity this month : 60 hours+ Sequence : A - 19 35 48 83 86 B - 09 30 42 82 92 C - 06 14 20 21 64 D - 23 49 78 86 92 E - 11 13 20 53 75
  7. Well, you can close it now as Dizzy already took a look at this and changed as well, thank you @Pedro.
  8. Currently this 2 storied exterior has 4 storied giant building inside, and as I bought it for Ocean Blue fish company, I would like to roleplay with a fish factory interior. Business interior id 23 goes well with it. can I have that one if its possible please?
  9. First of all the worst thing is the guy is metagaming somehow lmao ... hahaha eshtupud....the logs show that you started recording with your minicamera after he already said his stuffs, Ic'ly he didn't say anything after you started recording
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