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  1. Name: Governor Kavanagh's Office. Comment: It was an auto correct typo which was fixed. Thank you.
  2. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL CRIME Seven dead in a mass murder By: Devin Roman | FEBRUARY 1st, 2021. San Andreas Police Department have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting deaths of seven people, police said Monday. Police are not identifying the suspect and did not provide any additional details because the individual is a juvenile of an Asian descent. They would not comment to SAN News on what connection, if any
  3. Username: Governor Kavanagh's Office. Comment: Governor Declan Kavanagh does not wish to run for a second term since we strongly believe that the accomplishments and goals of this administration were reached and hence Governor Kavanagh stated not long ago that he wishes to hand the throne to someone else with a different ideology that only has the best interests at heart for San Andreas' future. Governor Elect Sam Woods will do a tremendous job at that and this administration will provide any assistance it can, whenever the Governor Elect might require. Regarding your comment re. State Pr
  4. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL NATIONAL State Government unveils Fire & Medical Departments' interiors By: Declan Trager | JANUARY 27th, 2021. On the 24th of January, 2021, at 21:00hours, San Andreas Governor Declan Kavanagh has unveiled and inaugurated the Los Santos Fire Department's Interior and All Saints General Hospital's Interior after months it had been announced that they're going under refurbishment. The San Andre
  5. Name: Governor Kavanagh's Office. Comment: Fake news. Taxes were lowered, paychecks' increased and businesses are blooming. Economy is far better tham ever before. This administration did not spend a single dime from the tax payer's money as everything was funded from the auctions held over the course of this administration's term. Governor Kavanagh's Office was never asked to comment on any of this article so clearly has a hidden agenda to undermine the current government. Fake news. Shame on you.
  6. Name: Governor's Office. Comment: I've just realized that I've been baited to respond to a troll because that's all you are and that's all you're going to be. Your wording has zero sense whatsoever. Very Nice Sir Good Job.
  7. Name: Governor's Office. Comment: Your argument is just speculation and that's it. The current sitting governor is not corrupt and unless you'd provide actual evidence to back up your accusations I'd suggest dropping them before you get a defamation lawsuit against you, Mr Carl Brook. Attorney General M. Burnett was recruited by one of the cabinet members, not by the Governor. The Attorney General is being investigated and currently suspended until further notice to determine whether the reports against him are true or not. Regarding to "cutting the funding" - the funding was cut after C
  8. Name: Governor's Office. Comment: Incorrect comment, Mr Brook. Office of Legal Counsel had already prosecuted criminals in the court of law and no information about any of their ongoing cases was forwarded towarss this office hence why the abuse and criminal acts under the former Attorney General were able to be made.
  9. Name: Governor Declan Kavanagh's Office. Comment: Governor Declan Kavanagh has no intentions in running for a second term since San Andreas IS great again due to this successful administration. Laws were changed. Crime was reduced. Economy increased. Lives were saved. Buildings were created for the public. Governor Kavanagh wishes best of luck to those that run for this office and hopes that the right candidate is chosen, like the previous election.
  10. Name: Governor D. Kavanagh's Office. Comment: The budgets for ALL emergency departments were already increased as of a couple of days ago, same goes for their paychecks'.
  11. Name: Governor D. Kavanagh's Office. Comment: The budget for City Hall was put aside for this specific project over a year ago, by a different administration. We can assure the State that there is more than enough funding for research in regards to COVID-19 and we intend to ask Congress for assistance if need be. So far, the measures that we've implemented are lowering the numbers of those infected and we have high hopes that we will get this disease out of the way in a very short time. It is advised that everyone wears a mask at ALL times as well as keep a safe distance from one another.
  12. Name: Governor D. Kavanagh's Office. Comment: Chief of EMS M. Lloyd has recently accused the Governor of distributing illegal narcotics and is currently attempting to create more propaganda to undermine the current administration. Chief Lloyd has recently shown discomfort after the announcement that the government was searching for a new Chief of Fire. The vacancy was approved by Chief Lloyd at first, and hence it was also authorised by Congress and Senate. Chief Lloyd then stated that he was against a new Chief and did not wish for a vacancy to be made as he wanted things to remain the s
  13. Name: Governor D. Kavanagh Comment: If this move doesn't go the way the government intends it to go, it will be reversed. But the government is very confident that it's the right move at this particular time. With two chiefs both focusing on their respective departments means having two leaders focusing on specific tasks hence better progress.
  14. Name: Governor D. Kavanagh Comment: I would like to point out that this has been in discussions with SAFMD's upper Command ever since we've been elected into office and the majority of their employees were also aware of this structural change way before we announced it. I'd also like to point of that the former Chief Anderson was also spoken to, to ensure that we're on the right course.
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