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  1. hahah!! serbian haha! i am albania.. . am live in a bunker you matherfak remember nato 1999 free firework show wowwwwww 7mil now!!
  2. bosnian matherfaker challange me??????????? i kil your father and mother........ 5 MIL
  3. Hello, @Havoc_Maldonado. You're not banned in general, you're just phone banned due to abusing mobile bugs such as walking while knocked down etc. You have been warned many times to stop, also please do not try ban evading like you did once. Try play from a PC this time.
  4. Hello there, @aaron989. As we said before, re-apply in 1 month {21.06.2022}.
  5. worddddd!!!!!?!!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
  6. who wanna place bets? I'd say kacper will lock this in like 15 min..
  7. expect this to be locked in like 5 min by managers
  8. name: terrell4president2ihatejews comment: new vcs pack so loud
  9. just turn to a gambino and /q
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