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  1. **Ermias always in remote locations when he is plotting on cooking drugs or setting shop**
  2. These Cops make anything up to arrest the Notorious Ermias. **Ermias drives around Jefferson avoiding his enemies in other suburbs.** **Ermias goes around Patch-less when driving a vehicle**
  3. **Ermias Tone was arrested last night by federal Agents and is now in a holding cell awaiting trial at the Los Santos High Court** A court has been told an associate of the Tribesmen gang drove through Las Calinas with a duffle bag full of cash to buy a class B drug Heroin, before the deal fell over at the last minute, metres from completion. Ermias organised for his now co-defendant Hatu Clausen to complete the final stage of a Low Class Heroin deal: swapping the money for the drugs. Federal Agent(anonymous) chased Ermias with an unmarked vehicle from the location of the swap right through down the Las Calinas Hill when Ermias got away on a 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport and in a few hours was later caught at his house located on Las Calinas both Ermias and his capturer fired shots when Ermias was hit twice on his Torso and later survived at the Jefferson Hospital and is now waiting for trial. **Ermias is now released from his charges and is now out on bail**
  4. Ermias Tone known as "E or Eazy" is the Sgt-at-arms for the Notorious Motorcycle Club "Tribesmen" and is often seen riding in formation with the club around East Los Santos, Sgt at arms is a rank for who are very loyal to the press inside the club to make sure all full and new members following the rules and discipline but he head of security members who have the ranks of security follow his orders to make sure anything what happened in the club stays in the club and he is the president personal bodyguard. Story will be updated soon
  5. I cantr find the section to do this can someone help? I want to report a player who constantly DMs and rams us with cars when wee trying to Roleplay his name is Jaymar_Romero I dont think this guy knows how to RP.
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