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  1. These are the current logs, couple notes down below. - The business does not require any re-stocking or maintenance. - I have only owned it for a few days as you can see. - The business generated around 25k in a small time without advertisement. - The business is a great place for any gang/mafia rp, and can be easily associated with any groups. - Profit logs were awaited since I hadn't owned it for a while. ANYTHING BELOW 2M FOR BUYOUT ISN'T CONSIDERED!
  2. 1. Profit is actually not bad, a lot better than most businesses nowadays if you advertise. 2. A free property from my friends? You literally made that up mate.
  3. I'm not sure how hard it is to read forum topics, but it clearly states that the bid is at a minimum of 2 million, all of these are ignored.
  4. Value - 3.7m Minimum Bid - 2m Buyout - N/A
  5. the fact that people put this on their posts is hilarious, what u gonna do christian?
  6. Speedy.

    Survey Review

    The only reason this happens, is because anyone above admin rank, refuses to take reports because they think they are too good for them.
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