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  1. I agree but Shaquille didn't rob any properties. That was a lie from Kacper. He just looked at what people had n shit, Shaquille with his 100m networth has no need to steal a few m4/sniper cases from people it clearly doesn't make sense
  2. Missed this out in the staff report. Kacper didn’t TV me, no one did so how could anyone possibly know that I had illegal modifications.
  3. What is your in-game name? Tariq_Monteiro Which staff member banned you? Kacper Kowalski When did you get banned? 03/12/2023 What is the ban reason? "Illegal Modifications get out." Personal comment I am unhappy that I have to once again return to this shit thread. The ban was false, the community and all of their collective grandmothers know it. This ban-appeal is directly linked to a staff report made on Kacper. That report should be viewed before dealing with this. I hope to see you in-game again, and I hope to see a better future for this community than managers that cannot cope with dying in a situation.
  4. bought a jester for 2m like a day or two before the price blew up
  5. Contacted on discord about the buffalo. Ready to pay a buyout price if it comes to it, I have lots to offer.
  6. i made 600k profit on nevada the day it went oos, stop throwing poo at me and give me smth serious
  7. I have plenty, but when I give something away I don't need to run and scream it to the whole server.
  8. sounds like a person who gives money away for attention
  9. Just lmk what you have in this forum topic alongside your discord and we can talk\ ((dont care about pot houses or anything related to drug production))
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