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  1. Windows lvl3 upgrade costs 12mil 3k upgrade costs at least 900k-1mil BP upgrade costs at least 1mil
  2. BP tires 3K HP level 3 windows upgrade
  3. Alarm level 4 No safe no reinf doors
  4. Value: 400k Buyout: Offer Will not be sold unless I am satisfied with the bo.
  5. Happy Birthday 

  6. 10mil offer received by Curtis Barns. Offers to be increased by 100k minimum.
  7. True, I can agree on that as I owned it for many months. It was mainly used for RP and that’s it.
  8. Contact me on Discord to get it in game
  9. Sold, contact me ig or via disco
  10. Contact me on Discord to get the property
  11. Contact me in game or via Discord to arrange time.
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