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  1. There are few people who would prefer this topic rather than the discord flooded channels
  2. there are vary kinds of addiction, you could get addict to such habit, substance, even a website could hook you up like a mindless undead skeleton, nothing's hazardous
  3. That's so deep. it's doubtful otherwise...
  4. I wonder how many toxic posts will arrive
  5. Thousands of other servers have this, and regardless of whether it's being bombarded, it doesn't matter as it keeps the other topics clean because everyone else just goes to official groups threads to shitpost or spam. It shouldn't be too difficult to keep under control and isn't even necessary unless people start advertising other servers or posting gore. Considering that forum traffic decreased significantly this year compared to prior years, this is the time to examine this. So why not? Advantages: remaining the discussion boards and the community as a whole alive You are allowed to argue about anything without having to find or create a post. taking care of minor difficulties Disadvantages: could get spammed, although it can be easily prevented.
  6. Andre

    V2 Changelog

    Break a leg everyone!
  7. brief but valuable, chief
  8. Throw your model and your price down below and I'll contact whosoever meets my requirements.
  9. honestly i have no leisure time to login, i tried twice to contact a senior admin ingame, but i found no response, if there's anything i could do instead of waiting in-game for someone who might be busy and not paying attention for my requests, please tell me
  10. Thanks, ill contact a snr admin once i log back
  11. Name: Neill_Dermot Type: House Reason: I didn't get my own house yet, so I would like to have this one Image:
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