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  1. Master Name: Aze Country & Timezone: GMT Faction: Los Norteños 14 What would you do with the specified faction: Our factoion is an illegal one which is into drugs and crimes (all types to make money and be powerfull) We created this factoion with the hope to upgrade the latino gangsters roleplay level to a highest one than the one we already know in valrise gaming .
  2. Can't wait for it. .
  3. Great work on the server devs .
  4. I had the same problem , just reboot your computer and it'll be fixed .
  5. There is some people which aren't coming to RP they just come to test servers or to troll around , this guy was puting a truck on a small boat than he said that he dont give a fuck and he's just testing ug mp servers cuz mta is the best..ect
  6. 3.4M for sultan and 1.8M for sandking , fix price .
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