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  1. IK this is a long shot but my Furniture store in LV gets 0 profit and is kind of on its own in the middle of an empty lot, I was wondering if i can get it relocated to LS- Ganton to be exact. i found a store location where no other furniture stores are around in that area and i can pay any new Fees that come with it
  2. Janer would like her house in idlewood motel to be changed to property ID 44 The GPS is 567
  3. gl bro nice to see none- troll character stories
  4. Well i didn’t mean to spoil and he act childish and block me?!! i just want b friends
  5. kidding Hilly you know i love you xxxx
  6. gay as fuck just like you and your brother
  7. he isn’t innocent… his parole officer will tell you more
  8. inshallah i had sexy time with Lilly
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